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About the News category [News] (1) has been rebooted with time locked payments. Send in those $smart proposals and get paid to grow SmartCash! [News] (1)
June 30th is the next TermRewards and SmartRetire snapshot. Payments will be going out July 7th. TermRewards collateral is now 101k. Easy to activate and get a nice yield, just download our QT client & select the Rewards period that works for you [News] (1)
The collateral amount for TermRewards has been reduced in the latest release of the SmartCash Node Client [News] (1)
Our last 2.0.5 release is now live. TermRewards have just become way more accessible [News] (1)
Our next release will go live tomorrow. The TermRewards barrier to entry will be lowered significantly [News] (1)
#BcMemeTournament and #SmartMemeTournament: Round 3 is actively going on [News] (1)
The theme of the 3rd round of the #SmartMemeTournament is "TermRewards and SmartRetire - rewards for long-term SmartCash holders" [News] (1)
Our latest BeeHive release is out. Give it a go! It comes with performance improvements and a better user experience [News] (1)
BeeHive Desktop is officially released. Download it now and use one of the fastest SMART wallets [News] (4)
SmartCash was just listed on Stocktwits [News] (1)
BeeHive 1.0.5 is now live [News] (1)
TermRewards and SmartRetire: The total number of locked coins is now over 31 million $SMART [News] (1)
Announcement of the winners of the first round of SMART and BC Meme Tournaments [News] (1)
The BeeHive platform public release is here. Try it out [News] (1)
The BeeHive platform first public release is almost ready. We've been working hard over the weekend to identify and sort out remaining glitches with the encrypted chat [News] (1)
27 million $smart have now been locked in long term TermRewards and SmartRetire. These amounts can not be sold until the locking period expires. This dynamic makes SmartCash more deflationary than its peers [News] (1)
We are ready to release the new BeeHive crypto platform later this week [News] (1)
We are happy to announce the @Changelly_team easy swap on @CoinomiWallet @EdgeWallet and @ellipalwallet is working again [News] (1)
I just released a complete video guide of TermRewards & SmartRetire [News] (1)
$smart adoption is growing. @kamoneybrasil just implemented an instant way of sending SmartCash to Brazilian bank accounts [News] (1)
SmartChat, a new censorship resistant blockchain communication tool will soon be available. Join us at and become a beta tester! [News] (1)
RT: Have you joined the $BC and $SMART meme tournament yet? Take part and win one of the prizes! All you need to do is just create an original meme. The first round will end on April 20, so hurry up! [News] (1)
The first TermRewards and SmartRetire snapshot has been successfully completed [News] (1)
RT: StackOfStake has shown its Skin in the Game — 100% SmartNodes uptime since Dec 2020 and beyond. As a reward, all $SMART stakers have received a generous airdrop [News] (1)
RT: Meme creator, it's possible to earn crypto by making cool $smart memes [News] (1)
SmartHub’s roadmap [News] (1)
TermRewards and SmartRetire: more users lock $SMART for long-term holding. The first snapshot will take place at the end of March 31, 2021. Users who have activated their addresses before the snapshot will qualify [News] (1)
Vote for adding SmartCash on CryptocurrencyCheckout! Voting is free [News] (1)
SmartCash announces the Meme Tournament. Take part and win prizes: 500k SMART, 250k SMART and more [News] (1)