Https:// is back in action with SmartCash and Bitcoin Confidential @btconfidential swag. Give it a go and get that awesome piece of clothing you always wanted [News] (1)
SmartCash is now listed on StakeCube – A Passive Income and Exchange Platform [News] (1)
We would like to invite node operators to join us in building a unique, vibrant crypto ecosystem. Let's build the $smart future together [News] (1)
SmartNodes Snapshot will take place in 2 weeks. All «Enabled» nodes will qualify [News] (1)
Make sure to download our latest 2.0.3 release if you haven't done so already. Our node client is the only way to access TermRewards and SmartRetire for now. We'll bring these new features to other wallets in the near future [News] (1)
A TermRewards & SmartRetire status update [News] (1)
We are recruiting SmartSquad members to help us grow our SmartCash and Bitcoin Confidential user base. Join our Discord Outreach channel and introduce yourself and tell us how you can help [News] (1)
“Skin in the Game” SmartNodes Snapshot Coming Up on February 15 [News] (2)
We just released 2.0.2. It fixes some 2.0 glitches. Go ahead and update your SmartNodes and Electrum wallet: [News] (2)
How should we name our decentralized censorship resistant blockchain communication tool? Voting round 2 [News] (1)
We just improved our SmartCash decentralized explorer for SAPI 2.0 features [News] (1)
SmartCash 2.0 Horizon Release is Available. Mandatory Wallet Update [News] (1)
We are working on a cool censorship resistant, decentralized messaging SmartHub wallet integration [News] (1)
Our 2.0 Horizon release is here - TermRewards & SmartRetire are the highlights plus a series of optimizations and fixes [News] (1)
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Our decentralized explorer running on top of our SmartNode network has been updated [News] (1)
The "Skin in the Game" SmartNodes 3 years timelocked snapshot will take place February 15th; a trial that precedes SmartRetire,10 years time locked payments to Smart hodlers set to go live in March [News] (1)
Informative article about our next major release and SmartCash in 2021 by one of our top developers @enriquesouza_ [News] (1)
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We would like to announce the "Skin in the game" SmartNodes 3 years time locked airdrop [News] (1)
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This is a long thread about SmartCash in 2020 and the future. In 2020 our prime focus was to make $smart a better store of value. I will try to explain in this thread what we have achieved this year & where things are heading next [News] (1)
RT: The SmartCash team is working on its own SmartHub decentralized wallet, which will enable easy SmartRewards activation [News] (1)
The first version of our SmartHub decentralized wallet based on Electrum and running on our SmartNode network is very close to release. It will allow easy SmartRewards activation plus many other cool features [News] (1)
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