SmartHive   Pre-Proposal Discussion

Proposal terms and conditions (2)

Please be aware of this when creating your pre-proposals and proposals:

Commercial SmartCash (4)
SmartStudent Ecosystem (5 months mkting plan) by Coach Digi (4)
SMARTCASH In Mapoly (3)
Sponsor and represent SmartCash in The Developer's Conference. 2019 (1)
SmartCash Focused Mobile-App-Creation platform and Merchant-directory App (1)
Let's get the world excited about SmartCash (1)
We must take advantage of the MENA (Middle East) region (1)
Smartcash campaign to french speaking cameroon (1)
Pre -Proposal: Reward Portal (2)
SmartCash Mexico not dead (1)
Earthx México. Connecting bussines owners about acepting SmartCash (10)
[Pre-Proposal] SmartCash Listing on Binance DEX (3)
Smart Cash Instagram Presence (15)
Discovering SmartCash in a fun and simple way ( 2 ) (22)
Sponsorship for the poetry contest in Mothers Days (4)
SmartFIT Australia - Get paid to keep fit (1)
Acceptance of part of the artists' cache in Florianopolis/Brazil (2)
Events Funding and Marketing (3)
SmartCash Food Truck (1)
[Pre-Proposal] SmartCash Transaction Visualization (2)
Increase community reach, education and involvement in official Telegram Brasil group (1)
Channel on Youtube Brazil about Smartcash (1)
Smartcash - Ebook and Audiobook (1)
Sponsor and Create a Feature Film, "Under the Veil" (1)
Sponsor TDC Florianópolis Edition 2019 (3)
Ecommerce Talks 2019 event with SmartCash participation (1)
[Pre-Proposal] Main/Platinum Sponsor at Blockchain Conference (2)
SmartCash integrated in >50 ATM's (1)