SmartHive   Pre-Proposal Discussion

Proposal terms and conditions (2)

Please be aware of this when creating your pre-proposals and proposals:

Smart Cash Instagram Presence (16)
Business owners Adoption of Smartcash and Conference in Nigeria (17)
Smartcash roadshow, merchant integration and business adoption (6)
MetaNode - SmartNode Investing Made Simple (18)
NuMundo Proposal to Adopt Smartcash as Payment across 100 countries, and preferred payout in Brazil (7)
Add SmartCash to currently operating peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange in Venezuela providing bolivars and bitcoin trading pairs ( 2 ) (25)
#smartcashNicaragua (1)
Catalize massive growth for Smart Cash (1)
Smartcash for women ( 2 3 4 ) (69)
PRE-PROPOSAL: Bring SmartCash to Atlanta with Jeffrey Tucker and the Atlanta Bitcoin Embassy (9)
Listing on deliondex for only $150 (2)
Sponsor and represent SmartCash in The Developer's Conference. 2019 (1)
Commercial SmartCash (4)
SmartStudent Ecosystem (5 months mkting plan) by Coach Digi (4)
SMARTCASH In Mapoly (3)
SmartCash Focused Mobile-App-Creation platform and Merchant-directory App (1)
Let's get the world excited about SmartCash (1)
We must take advantage of the MENA (Middle East) region (1)
Smartcash campaign to french speaking cameroon (1)
Pre -Proposal: Reward Portal (2)
SmartCash Mexico not dead (1)
Earthx México. Connecting bussines owners about acepting SmartCash (10)
[Pre-Proposal] SmartCash Listing on Binance DEX (3)
Discovering SmartCash in a fun and simple way ( 2 ) (22)
Sponsorship for the poetry contest in Mothers Days (4)
SmartFIT Australia - Get paid to keep fit (1)
Acceptance of part of the artists' cache in Florianopolis/Brazil (2)
Events Funding and Marketing (3)