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FreeBSD port (Proposal) (3)
SmartCash EDU (Pre-Proposal) (6)
Buy FIAT / Other Assets, with SmartCash Direct (11)
Smartcash Street Team (5)
[PRE-PROPOSAL] Sponsored space in Academia Blockchain channels (5)
Increase Italian base users (7)
List Smartcash on Golix | A software development proposal (14)
Smartcash integration into e-commerce website (6)
Illuminate the SmartCash Brand to Adoption-level Readiness (5)
Pre-Proposal: SmartCash Sponsorship of Anti-Media (UPDATED) (6)
Portuguese Brazil translation project (11)
Smart Zone: Merchant Adoption Program and SmartCard in Venezuela! (10)
Social Media in portuguese for Brazil (4)
Adoption of SmartCash in 32 potential stores in Valencia - Venezuela (16)
Having difficulty getting your proposal passed? Try these 7 Easy Steps to Improve and Try Again (5)
Tour of Merchants Adoption in Lara Venezuela! (10)
Business owners Adoption of Smartcash and Conference in Nigeria (16)
Spark SmartCash interest in Iran and get a community growing (6)
Add SmartCash to currently operating peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange in Venezuela providing bolivars and bitcoin trading pairs ( 2 ) (24)
SmartCard International Credit Card (8)
Preproposed to take SmartCash on CoinEx (1)
Safemart - Smartcash's instant automated liquidation platform for merchants which can be integrated with SmartPay and used standalone (6)
101 Series Episode by the CryptoBasic team accompanied by an interview of someone representative of the SmartCash community (3)
Smartcash in two important events of Open Source Software in the South Brazil (7)
Bring SmartCash to Togo (6)
Enabling Constant Circulation through Exclusive SmartCash Merchant Adoption Campaigns: Integrating Mobile Money Merchants and Other Businesses into SmartCash Merchandise in Tamale, Ghana. By: Habib Adams (3)
** SmartCash will participate in the Great American Capital Event of Culture-2018 to expand its proposal.** (5)
Level UP and SmartCash (4)
SmartCash for Newly Admitted Students of The University of Cape Coast (UPDATED) (4)
Pre Proposal Support for Arm Wallet for Odroid, Raspberry Pi (6)