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Sponsor and represent SmartCash in BITCOIN SUMMIT 2019 - FORK THE BANKS (3)
#754 Main Sponsor at LAUNCH Blockchain Conference 2019 - Portugal (5)
Introduce Smartcash to a Large Audience of Pet Planet Crypto Gamers (3)
SmartCash Balkan countries promotion for 2019 - 2nd proposal (3)
Proposal 721 1st CriptoBlock Event São Paulo Brazil (1)
SmartCash Reward System Using My Resteem Service On Steemit (8)
Proposal to integrate smartcash unto e-commerce platform (3)
SmartCash at LocalCoinSwap exchange (3)
Vote yess on this proposal! the best idea yet. dont let the major holders of smart vote it out! (1)
What smartcash should not overlook (1)
SmartCash present at COCMUN2018 "innovation and technology for the new global governance" (5)
Course Level Up And SmartCash (1)
[Proposal] Trademark & Hub Office in Central Europe (5)
Mexico City digital business summit Expo PYME (3)
SMARTCASH Media Splash ( 2 ) (30)
Ben Swann Episodes Sponsored By SmartCash (last updated Aug 16, 2018) (11)
Smart Sports Fiesta (5)
Some of the projects are made just for stealing funds ( 2 ) (38)
Proposal #486 - South of México is awaiting approval (1)
Invalid Vote Fix (5)
$1 needed to document communities desire to have true control of SmartCash (10)
Social Media Event in Valencia, Ve (9)
Reach Millions of People with News Networks throughout the World and Maintain Ongoing Engagement [locked proposal - undisclosed relationship with vendors] ( 2 3 4 ) (66)
SmartSundays May-June 2018 report (11)
SMARTCash Transaction Free WooCommerce Payment Plugin + SMARTCashBack ( 2 ) (26)
SmartCash Whiteboard Video Animation (4)
A new economy for the future: a smart plan for nigerian undergraduates (5)
Live proposal: Partnership between and SmartCash (1)
Introducing smartcash to the Ashanti community (8)