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SMARTCash Transaction Free WooCommerce Payment Plugin + SMARTCashBack ( 2 ) (26)
SmartCash Whiteboard Video Animation (4)
A new economy for the future: a smart plan for nigerian undergraduates (5)
Live proposal: Partnership between and SmartCash (1)
Introducing smartcash to the Ashanti community (8)
IDEAL-Cryptographic-Strategical Partnership Proposal (DDOS,DNS) (1)
Sponsor a child's educational trip (6)
SmartCash Discord Support Bot (2)
Smartcash Mascot, Animated Puppet & Video Promotion Series (11)
SmartCash Snapchat Filters (3)
3 Months/12 Weeks Community Incubation and Merchant Adoption in Costa Rica thruoght AKA SmartWeekends - LATAM HIVE (2)
Wrong post, my bad (1)
**PROPOSAL** Smartcash sponsored startup events via Innovation Hub (2)
Proposal: Crypto-Intro course with SmartCash rewards (5)
Post-proposal Conference in French Business School (3)
Sponsor Mexican MMA fighter (18)
Videos and Social Media in Spanish for Latin America 2.0 (6)
SmartCash California Chapter (11)
Please vote NO to this proposal (5)
Every month twitter campaign/trending seven days for smartcash (1)
Introducing SmartCash to 5 Ghanaian Universities for Massive Adoption and Usage (3)
Proposal for Facebook Ads (11)
Anti-Bullying Program (9)
SmartNode Monitor Telegram/Discord (17)
Smartcash p2p service (1)
Kenyan Women for Smartcash (12)
Proposal - SMART Sweeper (7)
Nodes for Charity (3)
What is the SmartHive: How to Submit a Proposal (5)
Build a Smart Cash FB Community Group with the intention of being listed on BINANCE (1)