Sponsor and Create a Feature Film, "Under the Veil" [Pre-Proposal Discussion] (1)
Sponsor TDC Florianópolis Edition 2019 [Pre-Proposal Discussion] (3)
New SmartSaving feature (on-chain) [Proposals] (3)
Sponsor and represent SmartCash in BITCOIN SUMMIT 2019 - FORK THE BANKS [Proposals] (3)
Ecommerce Talks 2019 event with SmartCash participation [Pre-Proposal Discussion] (1)
[Pre-Proposal] Main/Platinum Sponsor at Blockchain Conference [Pre-Proposal Discussion] (2)
#754 Main Sponsor at LAUNCH Blockchain Conference 2019 - Portugal [Proposals] (5)
SmartCash integrated in >50 ATM's [Pre-Proposal Discussion] (1)
Introduce SmartCash to Smartstudents in Cancun, México [Pre-Proposal Discussion] (1)
SmartCash stablecoin? [SmartHive] (1)
SMART on Anypay, the beloved crypto POS built by libertarian anarchists [Pre-Proposal Discussion] (7)
AL.LA UNDER REVISION. WE WOULD LIKE TO THANK THOSE WHO SUPPORT OUR PROPOSAL TO MAKE SMARTCASH THE DIGITAL CURRENCY OF THE SOUTHEAST REGION OF USA...with our ability to make SmartCash the digital currency of the 12 Southern states in USA [Pre-Proposal Discussion] (1)
Organising multilingual translation process ( 2 3 ) [Pre-Proposal Discussion] (42)
Introduce Smartcash to a Large Audience of Pet Planet Crypto Gamers [Proposals] (3)
Opening Mutual Fund and helping smartcash community during the bear crypto market [Pre-Proposal Discussion] (1)
Continuing of the Smartcash Awareness Campaign On Twitter with my team [Pre-Proposal Discussion] (7)
SmartCash Balkan countries promotion for 2019 - 2nd proposal [Proposals] (3)
AL Artists+SmartCash: use a virtual Artist Marketplace to bring SEC USA from rural traditionalists to modern innovations thru the indigenous artworks made by local artists in their own communities! (Revision #2) [Pre-Proposal Discussion] (4)
AL.LA helps SmartCash conquer the Southeast USA! [Pre-Proposal Discussion] (1)
PRE-PROPOSAL: Bring SmartCash to Atlanta with Jeffrey Tucker and the Atlanta Bitcoin Embassy [Pre-Proposal Discussion] (8)
Crypto Bar idea [Pre-Proposal Discussion] (2)
NuMundo Proposal to Adopt Smartcash as Payment across 100 countries, and preferred payout in Brazil [Pre-Proposal Discussion] (7)
[PRE-PROPOSAL] Porcupine Freedom Festival 2019 Diamond Sponsorship [Pre-Proposal Discussion] (2)
[Pre-Proposal] Multilingual SmartCash Explorer [Pre-Proposal Discussion] (5)
Smartcash + Bitven (Corporative Business Adoption Propose) [Pre-Proposal Discussion] (9)
America's first and only live drive home radio show discussing Crypto and Blockchain daily on over a dozen stations [Pre-Proposal Discussion] (1) and brochure/white translation to igbo, hausa, yoruba and nigerian pidgin english [Pre-Proposal Discussion] (5)
8 SmartStudent Radio shows "Radio Cripto" by CoachDigi [Pre-Proposal Discussion] (1)
Proposal 721 1st CriptoBlock Event São Paulo Brazil [Proposals] (1)
The Show that Launched Bitcoin! Radio Advertising, 190+ FM and AM Stations Coast-to-Coast in the United States and on Free-to-Air Satellite over Sub-Saharan Africa, Central America, and North America [Pre-Proposal Discussion] (2)