101 Series Episode by the CryptoBasic team accompanied by an interview of someone representative of the SmartCash community


Hello! This is Brent from the CryptoBasic Podcast and we are looking at the possibility of submitting a proposal to have a 101 Series Episode on Smartcash, along with interviewing a member of the community (that makes the most sense and isn’t particularly busy). We will also document how to submit a proposal to the community to release on Youtube, BUT our Youtube channel only accounts for something like 1% of our traffic right now so it’s not as big of a boost as it sounds.

Our 101 series episodes are usually around an hour long, and they take a deep dive into the pros and cons of a project, and how it works. We also try to communicate this is a basic manner. The follow-up with the team member can be a round table style discussion on any topic, or a more formal one on one interview with a team member.

Obviously the team sponsors Ben Swan, and that’s honestly how Smart Cash even got on our radar. We’re not even a little bit as powerful of a marketing presence as he is, but hopefully we’ll be worth the price. We really like that Crypto as a whole is empowering people like him to keep making content for an audience even after the biased networks have ousted him.

I wanted to start this pre-proposal discussion (we’re definitely going to submit a proposal if for no other reason than to support the community) so that we could see which team members/ community members would be a good fit for the interview portion, so that we could name them by name in the proposal before we submit it.


I think the community is always interested in reviewing new opportunities for marketing. Looks like your discord has about 500 members, would you say that is about the amount of listeners you have per podcast?


It’s significantly more than that per episode. We average about 25k downloads per month, and our coin eiposodes have higher downloads per episode than the other styles. Reasonable 30 day assumption would be about 1500-2k views depending on the overall crypto market (our downloads tend to be higher during bullish periods)