2do SmartCash Meet up en Costa Rica



Aloha everyone !!

this post is about my work on the proposal #223

on friday Aug 3rd at 4pm the Surf Series Event Sponsored by SmartCash started with 3-4 ft waves this weekd the atheltes were more enthusiastic about cryptos ! a good signal !
we had a strong presence at the event site in playa Hermosa Dj mentioned Smartcash every 10 min plus we had our Banners Displayed on the Backyard Bar
we gave away merchandise and criptos to the finalists on the event
the National Champion Gilbert Brown showed some good Skills and won ยก this is the list of the winners

1st - Gilber Brown
2dn - Roberto Tovar
3rd - Joey
4to - Fredy Quiroz

after event finished we rushed to the Fisher Bros down the road in the same Beach 200 m south of Backyard Bar

At 7:30 pm Ignacio AKA @TheWalk_er Started talking about Cryptos and the importance of Smartcash for the community giving real examples in life of how to archive succes using Smartcash and how beneficial it is for the costaricans to adopt Smartcash as their prefered payment method pleople were very intrestedn and asked tons of questions
i did the dinamics myself and opened succesfully 20 new wallets there were some people from the last Meetup that are following SmartCash and started beliving that this is the future of money !!

Our Argentinian friends made a incredible Asado and the community bond was reinforced with food, presents or merchandise and valuable information !!
we also got interviewed by one of the atendees who has a radio station !! Patricia Zamora

On the next day we managed to bring the banners back to the Surf Series event at Backyard bar and shared wirh the surfing community
the National Champion Again showed some skills and won for the 2nd time in a row
the OPEN finalists are:

1st Gilbert Brown
2nd Maikol Torrez
3rd Ariel Guitierrez
4th Roberto Vargas

Now Gilbert has the opportunity to recive rewards next month for his Smarts he thinks soon will be able to get a Master Node with all the prizes he expects to win and wants to join the community helping other surfers to spread the word about SmartCash and the new economy !

This was all that happened during the 2nd SmartWeekend we expect to continue the SmartWeekends for 10 more weeks hopefully we will create a world class crypto surfing spot