#754 Main Sponsor at LAUNCH Blockchain Conference 2019 - Portugal



This event is being organized in collaboration with Guimarães City Council, an important partner for us.

We expect to receive 200 attendees - the venue full capacity - and reach more than 150.000 people through own advertising and media partners.

Our website: https://launch.pt/
Detailed proposal: https://bit.ly/2CfCYiA


This event and the organizations involved are not for profit. No organizer are entitled to any SMART as any type of payment for any type of service. The amount requested is solely for administrative and management costs, as:

  • Cover guest speakers travel costs;
  • Provide coffee-breaks and lunch/dinner;
  • Graphic material (roll-ups, posters, shirts,…);
  • Advertising;
  • Photo and video coverage;
  • Giveaways;
  • Other minor costs.

Also, please beware that we will not withdraw or spend the money all at once to avoid any possible crashes in price.

OBS: The proposal mentions €3.000, but we are requesting the same amount in USD.

If you have any doubt about this proposal please address it before voting. We are happy to talk with you and clarify anything.

Thank you all so much for your time.



Hello SmartCash community,

Thank you all for your votes so far! We are announcing tomorrow (Monday, March 25) our first set of Speakers. Follow us and stay tuned for all updates:

Website: https://launch.pt/
Facebook: https://lnkd.in/d56Eryd
Instagram: https://lnkd.in/dnAP7uU

Also, please do not forget that you can always hit us with any questions, just leave them below.

Thank you!


Hello everyone!

We have just announced the first 3 speakers:

  • Ayumi Moore Aoki (Founder & President of Women in Tech)
  • Michelle Chivunga (Senior Regional Advisor at the British Blockchain Association )
  • Ana Nunes Teixeira (Associate Lawyer at PLMJ Lawyers).

You can find more details about them on https://launch.pt/.


Last day for voting! Any last minute question you might have?


Hello guys!

We have confirmed 4 more speakers:

  • Tiago Oliveira (Senior Project Manager at SONAE)
  • Nuno Correia (CEO & Founder at UTRUST)
  • Celso Martinho (CEO & Founder at Bright Pixel)
  • Bernardo Vieira (TechHQ.io)

We would love to have your support so we can confirm another 2 international speakers we already have in our agenda. We really appreciate your feedback so far. Just some hours left to vote but we still believe SmartCash will be part of an amazing event.

Thank you!