8 SmartStudent Radio shows "Radio Cripto" by CoachDigi


I´m CoachDigi, I live in Cancun, Mexico. In my past proposal (Video) https://d.tube/#!/v/coachdigi/t873p3vg Oremor and I started Radio Cripto that is a Crypto radio show in the Anahuac Cancun University.

Radio Cripto is an 1 hour per week program (Tuesdays from 5:30 to 6:30 PM), The radio programs are carried out in the university’s facilities and transmitted in the cafeteria’s speakers as well as being transmitted via the internet.

In each program we have a guest who talks with us about a Blockchain / cryptocurrencies topic.

Each program is divided into three sections and between each section a song is played.

  • News of the week in the crypto world: We talk about the market share and the most important news of the week
  • Topic of the day: Our guest talks to us about a topic related to Blockchain / criptocurrencies
  • How to get Smart: We talk about a SmartCash topic.

We did a total of 14 radio shows, but only the first 6 where part of the last proposal, but we still talked about SmartCash in all our programs.

Radio Shows:

Program # 1 Guest: Oukan
Program # 2 Guest: Mariluna
Program # 3 Guest: Eiky
Program # 4 Guest: Cryptoconta
Program # 5 Guest: Pepecrypto
Program # 6 Guest: Cryptoconta

This proposal will be for 8 programs (2 months), we will upload the Radio Cripto to all the SmartCashMexico and Latinamerica Social Media.


Pre-Production Production Post-production
Research News/songs for the show Radio Show edition & SocialMedia
  • $250 USD/Show x 8 Shows (2 months) = $2,000 USD

We are working with Eiky and Mariluna to have a bigger and stronger SmartCash Mexico community, we will publish the shows in all the SmartCash Mexico Social Media so we can have constant SmartCash content to publish.

THank you for your support, feedback and questions.

CoachDgi and Oremor