A Donation for a Venezuelan with Leukemia


Today is February the 4th, also happens to be THE WORLD CANCER DAY, and as I take a moment and think about all those unfortunate people who are suffering from this terrible disease, It comes with irony that I decided to write this post on this day. )
My name is Luis Guevara, I’m a Venezuelan, born in 1983 and I’m 34 years old. I’m also a Licensed Medical Laboratory Analyst (currently not practicing), I work as a manager in a restaurant that belongs to my family and began as a crypto enthusiast about 8 months ago. It is that way that I met the Smartcash Team in my Hometown Puerto Ordaz and began working together in the projects that were developed prior and also on the ongoing.
Recently our team was approved 50.000$ for the SMARTCASH STORE IN PUERTO ORDAZ AND MERCHANT ADOPTION project, which is currently being developed and will deliver its first milestone this month. But this story isn’t about me, Is about the person I love my fiancee Yanetzi Jaspe, my love, last year on november 21st, I propose to her and decided to join in holy matrimony this year, but it seems that we are going to have to postpone some of those goals as well.
Two days ago we received a terrible news, the kind of news you wish to never hear in your life, after feeling a few days ill, My Yane decided to run some blood test to determine what was going on, I thought it was just a very bad flu which is normal here, or worst Dengue Fever which is more than common here in Venezuela. Later that day I received a call from my friend at the lab, saying -”Hey I think Yane should come back and repeat the test because we found something very odd and we wish to corroborate”, shivers went down my spine as a realize that something was not ok, later that same day my friend who also happens to be my mentor at the University tells me that he found 60.000 white blood cells in her whole blood cell count (which is very abnormal) and that 90% of those were immature cells and also that her platelets were way down to 40.000 cells/dL. As I froze there for a minute and come to see the hard truth it becomes more clear to me that my beloved Yane might be suffering of some form of leukemia. I am no Doctor, but I have studied this many times in my career and practice, immature white blood cells in peripheral blood are not a good sign and worst of all in that amount. I cried, couldn’t sleep that night either, so nervous, sad and depressed. On the next day we went to the Dr. Oswaldo Carrasquel, a well known Haematologist in the city, and as I sat there waiting, I knew what he was going to say before he said it, and my Yane also confused not knowing what was going on, started to burst into tears and so was I, It never crossed our minds ever that we were going to receive a news like this. After that we started calling our families, explaining the situation and receiving comfort and prayers from everyone as well as their full support.

My Yane is well right now, with the occational mood swings, she is now been transfused with 6 bags of platelet concentrate cells and 6 more on monday the 5th, and those need to be ongoing indefinitely till we know what is exactly wrong with her bone marrow (the source of the blood cells). In our home town Puerto Ordaz studies like this are no longer made, due to the country’s situation, Specialist leaving the country, Special tests laboratories closing their doors due to lack of reagents, has worsen our situation even more. The remaining Specialist and Labs are in the capital and here Health and medicine aren’t free, as for private practice is the only standing sector in our country, If we fail to perform this test now that here immune system still ok, we can only think that worst will happen (her immune system begans to be compromised, a simple infection could upscale into something worse, etc,). This is why I, Luis Guevara, humbly request this great community for a donation, to perform the necessary tests and receive the correct treatment for her condition. We have plans to go for Caracas on tuesday Feb/06 to perform a bone marrow testing and immunophenotyping to determine which type of leukemia and how to treat it with the differents types of chemotherapy available.

Any donations are more than welcome, as well as your advice, prayers, and support. we will not forget any of you. We´ll also try to post our progress as often as we can. We thank you for taking the time to read our post, May God bless all of this community…

If you wish to contact me to see if you can help me in any other way please, you can do so at our email Donate4yane@gmail.com, my cell number +584249581724, Telegram: Luis Guevara. Yane’s Instagram: @YanetziJaspe, My instagram: @dpear83
My BTC ADDRESS: 1j65CR251ztUrFKGMAjnkmsBz37bHiDZA
My Ether Wallet: 0xEd4b224725dA0208e3c267E7c7A3827d054530eb

Ps: Im uploading her blood tests, and later tomorrow I will be uploading the Dr’s medical report. You are welcome to ask me any question and verify it’s authenticity…


My thoughts and prayers are with you.


Thank you very much brother. Appreciate it! :pray:


I heard last night Luis, I am so sorry. You, your fiance and your family will be in my daily prayer. Sending love and light to you.


Thank you very much brother, @fiatluxx God Bless You!


As previously stated, I’ll be writing updates on my girl’s status as well as her condition. As in today she will be instated in the clinic, because being immunocompromised implies medical attention AND OBSERVATION 24/7. We’ll pay the clinic’s costs out of our own pocket while we can, donations are still welcome or if you cant donate please share this post with others. Thank you again my people for your thoughts and prayers GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU!
In this link you can find Yane’s Doctor’s Report and medication for her chemoterapy
In this link you can corroborate Yane’s diagnosis for Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (A.L.L.) with the immnophenotype TEST


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