Acceptance of part of the artists' cache in Florianopolis/Brazil


Publicize the brand by linking the stage with a large audience and a use through discounts for the artist’s dash payments that appear in Florianópolis venues, such as nightclub, theaters, and events.

The cryptography market in Brazil is far behind the US / EU market, it has long been covered.

Explain and advance the SmartCash the Brazilian market in order to broaden the use of SmartCash and motivate the specific market to adopt SmartCash, both users and traders. I believe that the SmartCash project goes on to increase in investment, accounting and awareness to fund digital influence and channels of YouTube.

Who I am?

Hi, I’m Douglas Santiago, working giving advice to offices primarily in law and accounting, explaining to employees how the virtual asset universe is and how to get started safely.

I have access to many florianópolis artists due to the time I worked as an event producer.

From various cryptomedeal proposals that have emerged, SmartCash makes me very enthusiastic about the format of its ecosystem.

Links social networks:

Instagram: ForkTheBanks

  • Access in the main radios of the great Florianopolis and some tv programs (main: globe network)
  • Shows in the big parties, and in the most popular nightclubs of SC (can use as divulgation: Screens,
    moments inside the show, teaser footage of the event, Backdrop for photos, physical products used by the artist, and / or gifts for fans ).
  • Mailing of large contractors and nightclub owners for a future partnership (in the form of crypto-coin sales)
  • Using social networks to promote the brand.
  • Make campaigns and sweepstakes in social networks to move the brand among followers.
    Bring the name of the brand in the Performances in Pieces in the biggest theaters of Florianópolis.

For this proposal I present Musician Dan Costa, besides being a singer and composer, he is also a model and actor.

Dan as well as singer and songwriter, is also a model and actor.

After participating in the program The Voice Brasil, by the Globo network in 2016, where he was a finalist and vice champion, Dan signed as an author with the label, SOM LIVRE, recorded a clip of the first work song, Por Que Você Não Estê Aqui, Pela producer in Rio de Janeiro, AL AGENCIAMENTOS, and currently, has released three songs, author (Why You Do not Stay Here, Until Dawn and Then It’s Closed).

Dan currently performs at the biggest parties and nightclubs in the state of Santa Catarina.

Thanks to his participation in the reality show, Dan became known nationally, gaining notoriety as a singer and reaching a large number of fans in social networks, which together reach approximately 100,000 followers. Also gaining space in the main radios and TV programs of the great Florianopolis and some national ones.

Links social networks:

Instagram: dancostacantor
Facebook: dancostacantor
YouTube: Dan Costa Oficial

Dan is developing his new career project. A sunset in Live format, to hear new songs for your audience, and will feature well-known names in the Brazilian music scene. The compositions are still in the process of being created, and as success dates have not yet been established, but the design will come out in the second half of this year.

Dear community, we would like to ask feedback on the following points:

What bottlenecks do you see in our proposal?
What’s your opinion on it?


Olá, meu nome é João Gabriel Correa e represento Smartcash neste estado. Conte me mais sobre isso, não vejo falarem sobre o Dan Costa em nossa região. Tem alguns links e notícias de eventos?