Add SmartCash to currently operating peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange in Venezuela providing bolivars and bitcoin trading pairs


Hello @amontecal1 and thank you very much for your comment. That’s correct, our software was initially launched in January this year. We didn’t submit a Dash proposal since this blockchain was included in our software stack. We posted on their forum to promote our project and improve our SEO. If SmartCash was supported by services like Blockcypher or Bitgo we would have included it when we started and this pre-proposal thread wouldn’t exist.
As mentioned earlier, we are a Software Startup dedicated to implementing Blockchain Technology in Venezuela, we are not a group of money hungry people trying to get what they can and then walk away. We take our work very seriously and this is reflected in the services we offer to our end users.
Regarding the videos, we charge anywhere between USD 1.800 - 3.000 for a 5 minute video depending on the required illustrations and audio effects. We couldn’t lower this rate anymore than what already had and this is why we removed it from the pre-proposal.
Due to the reaction from the community, we are currently considering not going through with our proposal as we have not received the support we initially believed we would.
Regardless, we want to thank you for your interest and for your time.


Isn’t the Venezuelan government shutting down competing exchange because of the Petro? How would this be effective in this hostile enviroment?


Hello Mark! They are closing it in a certain way! They block the entrance to the site by order of CONATEL. But one can access the portals using a VPN. At the moment I am using which is working normally until now without needing to use VPN. Let’s hope and continue like that haha


educating people to use VPN or android apps, Dapps Etc, Venezuelans have a lot of pages blocked but people starting to jump the barriers


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