Adoption of SmartCash in 32 potential stores in Valencia - Venezuela


This proposal is available in Portuguese and Spanish translation.

A cordial greeting dear SmartCash community, we want to tell you a little about us, my name is Anthony Montecalvo @amontecal1 I work in the middle of marketing, I studied this career although now I have frozen to dedicate myself to the work area, my friend Emily Ruiz @earttrae who supports this proposal, currently works and studies in its advertising and marketing area, we are enthusiastic and optimistic young people who believe in the evolution of the market with the technology and the SmartCash community.

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Know a little about our city.

Valencia is a city of Venezuela, is the capital of the state Carabobo and a very populated city, is located in the central region of the country. Our city is recognized as an industrial capital and consists of five different autonomous municipalities.
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What we propose?

We propose to take the adoption of SmartCash in a dynamic, entertaining and educational way to 32 potential businesses or more, encouraging many people to use SmartCash, we want to address merchants and consumers by providing quality information, promoting the advantages of adopting a payment method Easy to use.
Raising awareness of the evolution of the business, providing the opportunity for merchants and their clients to market the currency, using a main strategy, encourage seeking mass adoption, not only to the city of Valencia, but to expand to nearby cities, using a good image, reliability and assertive communication.

How will this be possible?


  1. Visit different stores in Valencia, share information about SmartCash and its benefits through newsletters.
  2. Make business owners clear about the operation of SmartCash and identify the opportunity to bring evolution to their businesses.
  3. Consult to the commerce its opinion about the adoption and to offer all the necessary information, clarifying all the important points and benefactors.
  4. After receiving approval, we will identify the business with some stickers, including (Here accepts SmartCash, Pay here and others available to provide publicity and good image to the business).

Using the good image as a method to encourage business owners to share their experience and good vibes through their social networks causing their neighboring businesses interest in the adoption of SmartCash.

  1. Register the trade on our website and also provide guidance to install the SmartPay, show the functioning of payments through the SmartCard and shipments through username, Qr, SMS, mail, address or other methods.
  2. Attend all the shops visited, one trade each day of the week, visit a specific day such as a Saturday or holiday in which many customers go, go with a certain amount of SmartCash and provide information to customers (not invited people). Promote in them the information and undertake the idea of ​​the commercial use of our currency.

The use of SmartCash will be present from the first day, we will be sending SmartCash to each client in the place and that client should use most of that money in the trade, it should also be a bit so that in this way they continue with the use of the Wallet, customers will be happy with the speed of transactions, the low commission cost, the accessibility and convenience of the SmartCash system and also for the acquired currencies and making the payments. This will also bring emotion to the merchant, will have a good start and from that day SmartCash will be available as a payment method.

Other objectives:

Achieve a purchase and sale (VES / SMART).

That the business besides accepting SmartCash, sell SmartCash. A business that has strong SmartCash input, can sell a number of currencies, and would be a way to support the purchase and sale of SmartCash. It will benefit people getting faster and more convenient currency trading without the need for an Exchange.

Will this bring any benefit to SmartCash?

The benefit that this proposal will bring to SmartCash would be the adoption of 32 stores in our city, different businesses that can also become small exchange houses because of the ease it will offer in changing the consumption of their products by SmartCash and also exchange it for fiat money, Adoption would also be extended to nearby shops, once a trade sees this great result in its neighbor trade, we should not go and ask for adoption, we can contact them via social networks and continue to encourage and promote adoption.

What is the estimated time for this?

The estimated time of this proposal is four months. We want to be effective, productive and do an excellent job.
We plan to take the beginning for the day 15/10/2018 until 11/02/2019.
The date is not exactly estimated, but we plan to start those days.
This activity will be carried out two days a week, while other days we will be locating and studying new businesses. The period of the proposal could be extended if the result is not given in the determined time.

What is the budget?

The estimated budget for this proposal is $ 4558,00 USD.

Description, unit of the order, quantity for each item, price per unit and total.

Clarifications of the budget.


• The amount allocated for each trade will not be to pay for the adoption. This amount will be used after informing the clients, sending each one coins and letting them live their first experience paying in a trade with cryptocurrencies.
• The people who will be present at this will not be known exactly. We will take the day with more clients and will be the ones to whom we will direct the information and coins to pay for their consumption.
• the types of shops would be (restaurants, groceries, bakeries, coffee shops, stationeries, barber shops and other shops where many people go daily)


• The two banners will be displayed in stores, giving a greater presence and publicity on the day of the event. It will help us in the photos and videos for the growth of social networks.


• The shirts will be used to give bridle presence and some for raffles in the same stores and social networks.


• The newsletters will be distributed in 1000 different stores. From there we would be waiting for the approval and we will register and identify the business, where 30 of them will be taken for this activity, if we exceed 30 we can devise a schedule to be able to visit the others, it could also be the continuation of this proposal.


• Five different designs, such as the banners, cover photo of each achievement, newsletter and others such as photo and text editions.


• The stickers will be used to identify and give publicity to businesses that are in adoption and interested. As well as in cars and others.

Transportation (Taxi):

• Two taxis per week to go to different places, taking into account that we will go to different parts and not from neighbor to neighbor.

Photographs and videos:

• We consider it a good project and it would be best to have good photos and small videos of it.

Administrative services:

• A good job should be well rewarded, in the same way we take into account that it is four months of work.
With this we hope to make clear the budget in the same way we will take into account opinions and make changes and improvements, with the help of your comments and suggestions we can improve it.

Note: This proposal will not be only in Valencia, the proposal expands in other cities, different communities are working together to recover our SmartCash Venezuela community, we are joining forces to increase growth at the country level.

The idea of this massive adoption comes from two people, including a member of the SmartCash community Lara (@smartcashlara) @rafaeljloyop and my person @amontecal1 from Valencia.

All the members of the communities will be focused on achieving this and maybe our objectives and budget will vary, but it would be due to the difference of status and additional budgets.

We are also willing to leave the idea free for other people to join this type of project and thus achieve a greater adoption throughout the country. We believe with high expectations that this will bring an evolutionary change in our land.

That’s all, we have to wait for the perfect time to vote and welcome your positive vote. Comment your opinion and suggestion to achieve an excellent job.

Here we leave the link to the proposal of the other community.Tour-of-merchants-adoption-in-lara-venezuela.

Thank you for reading!


¡Happy to participate in projects in which you have so many expectations and desire to work to be fulfilled! I believe in SmartCash and in the commercial evolution, we want to take it to our city and more. Let’s go for more! to work and grow the community!:star_struck::star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:


it looks great to me it would be great to see your work


smartcash gonna be the best in Venezuela


You have done a great job, and you must continue, excellent, keep it up!


Excellent Pre- proposal boys, the adoption of more businesses that accept smartcash as a means of payment :venezuela:


Acredito ser uma excelente proposta, todos os valores condiz com a realidade, proposta bem transparente e objetiva.
Parabéns, sucesso neste trabalho.


thanks for the positive vibes, we will try to do a good job we want to show a good job.


@anon66523615 that’s right, we will be achieving good things.


@alen thank you very much for your support, I will be accompanied and I know we will achieve better things.

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@franvel26 is a good idea, I would like you to also take the idea to the future and express it in Lecheria.


Obrigado! É assim. Pouco a pouco Venezuela acepta SmartCash.


Sounds super cool!
Do you already know what kind of businesses will be visiting? I think the best target are those with big transaction input of small payments. I mean, big stores with expensive items may wait since they probably won’t find such a great value on SmartPay service.


Parabéns pelo trabalho man! Muito bom! Preciso me movimentar para isso também aqui em Recife.


This is necessary, continue doing great things here, maybe we can coordinate for the execution of some activities to continue with the growth of SmartCash here in the Country, successes!


Muito, obrigado pela atenção