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This is a non-commercial proposal based on utter enthusiasm of the community. The idea is simple - rename your Wi-Fi hotspot to

You may not believe it, but over time it works well as a promotional tool. Many people will become intrigued seeing neighbouring Wi-Fi hotspot named like a website and might check it up.

You may rename both home Wi-fi and mobile hotspot on your smartphone. And yes, if you use bluetooth on your devices, on some you may rename it to as well.


Quite good idea and easy to be done!!
This shows not everything needs to be paid / cost something. It is also support from the community that is needed. We have community members around the world, so we have to enable them to engage more actively. The smartcash team can only do so much alone, but imagine if everyone would ship in to spread the word.


True, if several thousands of our users in social networks would support the idea, that would help the project grow.


Not bad, I just changed it!