AL Artists+SmartCash: use a virtual Artist Marketplace to bring SEC USA from rural traditionalists to modern innovations thru the indigenous artworks made by local artists in their own communities! (Revision #2)


AL.LA+SmartCash+SEC USA (small hard drive glitch while updating, when using link, miles 15 & 16 have correct #s only missing monthly A/P. They are concurrent. They​ are the same as mile 14. MILE 15 HAS NO TRAVEL EXPENSES. I will post new link hopefully not after my laptop crashes!.
ALLA is the only Virtual Artist Marketplace for artists from the state of Alabama, then will expand into all Southeast USA within 5 years. We would love to have SmartCash as our exclusive sponsor as we feature “InstantPay” as an option for payment. We will be travelling to museums, art guilds, city programs, community centers, collector societies, schools, pre-k to assisted living programs, consignment stores, flea markets & art stores in every major city of every county in each state to invite artists to join the Marketplace for free, along with educating those in rural communities that otherwise would have little to no exposure to our sponsor “Smartcash”. Our goal is 34 new businesses that will begin to offer “InstantPay” & over 100 people set-up wallets in from April 1, 2019 - January 31, 2020.
Cryptocurrency has only begun to be available in the artistic community & has yet to tap into the rich traditional culture of the great southern states. Word of mouth is the most effective way to convince very traditional minds to accept, support & adopt anything really new into their daily lives. There is a unique dialect & frame of mind that exists in this part of the country, so the only really effective way to make change is face-to-face. We expect those minds from the artistic community & the residents of the south to have a lot of questions as they become not only educated but also involved in the cryptocurrency movement.
We propose that just as SmartCash is exploding onto the scene in the financial world, it also does so in the world of Fine Arts & the college towns in the SEC.
This proposal as a whole is for 10 months & has 16 milestones.
We have also shown 2 month increments x5.
We appreciate you taking the time to read our pre-proposal & offer your feedback…Thankyou!


You might consider trying this on a small scale in your spare time before investing to much in it. Maybe get a functioning simple website and try it with a few random artists. Selling art is crazy hard. Having worked with artists trying to sell their works over the years, having them in charge of 3D content seems very optimistic. Looking at the Cappasity software, their is no way I would expect even 5% of them would be able to get a good 3D image. How many are going to have a light kit, Canon DSLR camera, turntable and backdrop, plus the time to learn the software? I would start with the assumption that you would need to take all the pictures to get a consistent buying experience. Have you tried it and/or have examples of what the final product will look like with your equipment?

Having said that, you might look around at other promo product vendors. Those prices are really high. Also, it seems your car only gets 1 mile to the gallon.


The Marketplace is not for profit. It is It is only a common platform for the artists to have global exposure for the indigenous artworks of the state. Fortunately I do have 10 of some of the most popular artists ready to jump on board. We have 2 collaborations set to go to establish that part of the marketplace. I am a Docent & was an Associate at MMFA but I retired to start this project so I have a relationship with the artists in central Alabama. Besides the contract with the Museum, I have begun to work with a few of the Docents who are at least interested in having a dialogue about Cryptocurrency. The first month/7 milestones​ are dedicated to starting up the online structure & promotional materials I am able to print at home. I would be willing to separate the p&m materials into 2 payment dates if needed. The higher dollar items are for the event gift bags & big contributors who support & become involved with SmartCash. Please remember we are visiting museums, colleges, art guilds, consign stores, city governences, community centers, collector societies, schools & more in every city in every county of the state. These are many meetings, lectures, groups & handshakes per city. It would be wonderful if SmartCash would want to include some of their promotional materials too in this tour of the South. MMFA has agreed to combine some of their materials into the event gift bags as a showing of support for AL.LA. & The milestone/April 2019/2nd month are AL.LA’s home field and surrounding areas where I am a familiar face. Montgomery has 4 colleges in town. Huntington, Troy in Montgomery, AUM (Auburn University in Montgomery) & Alabama State University. One of our ceramicists is a professor at ASU, so I think that will be the perfect beginning​ to the College portion of our proposal. It may be structured more along the lines of your feedback if the Proposal is divided into 5 separate 2month submissions. February (month to vote) I am working to go ahead and purchase out of pocket our domain & building the site for the artists. The Marketplace will have the headstart on the milestones. More importantly, the proposal in discussion will be part of the information packet, so the exposure to SmartCash has actually begun. During February , the voters will be able to track our progress through updated links I will keep current. The artists portion I am comfortable with from my time in the Museum Store where I handled the artist files & they are familiar with my handling their consignments & individual needs. We are selling the artists, not the artwork. The expansion has begun because I have brought on an Interior designer & house painter well respected in Oxford Mississippi as part time admins & an artist from Auburn Georgia has agreed to join the Marketplace as well. I used to live in Atlanta & since SmartCash has Atlanta as its home I at least have a foundation to build from. Based on the difficulties you describe as far as the 3D software I have decided to remove the Cappasity element from the proposal. I do not even have the equipment you specify & I think I would need to include such into the proposal but that could all be focused upon at a later date with so many other basic elements to AL.LA that need to be set into stone first. I think that is great input & would love to continue this dialogue. Thank you again for your interest!


I would love for you to read the amended proposal & hope we have addressed some concerns, along with removing the 3D viewer “Cappasity” as amenity. We also divided up Promotional & Marketing, as well as reduced it by $3000.
thank you!