AL.LA helps SmartCash conquer the Southeast USA!


In this Revision, I lowered the total investment by taking $8204.70 off P&M, $12,000 off Billboard Ads, $1600 off Admins, & of course, gas w/ mpg saved $14,636.01. There is no overhead in budget. AL.LA is a Non-Profit Virtual Artist Marketplace for artists from Alabama. In 10 months, we are visiting every city in each county of the state & going to museums, colleges, schools, consignment stores, community centers, local city officials, museums, art guilds…(see details in proposal)… to invite artists to join & teach all those in especially rural communities that know nothing of cryptocurrency about our exclusive sponsor “SmartCash”. My formula shows I believe we can get 34 new businesses in the state to install “Instant Pay” & 100 new consumers to have Smartcash wallets.

The panel discussion is solely for SmartCash reps to have an in-depth presentation & Q&A session. The best part is we are promoting the indigenous artworks associated with Alabama (trending now) & providing the platform for the world to search only one site for it all: AlabamaArtists.Market …provided by our sponsor “SmartCash”…then all of the SEC in 5 years. A whole region of USA slow to understand crypto & yet untargeted. We’re also focusing on the college towns in the SEC…the young minds preparing for the real world. SEC is also trending nationally & SmartCash would do very well to be attached to the SEC Brand. Artists are my field. I am one & have 10 of the most well-known artists in central Alabama ready to join. But SmartCash would have one serious foot in the door in communities that could make a big time impact for SmartCash…no one else is tapping into it! I have postponed the end of discussion until Feb 9th. Love to continue dialogue! thanks! drew