Announcing the Community Member(s) of the month program!


The Concept:

Each month we will create a short list of community members who have done a wonderful job helping in Slack, on the Forums, or anywhere else we see helpful community members and place these member(s) in the spotlight for being such wonderful, helpful and community oriented folks.

The Expectations & Rules:

We understand this may create a ‘competitive environment’ but we won’t be making any specific guidelines other than do you best and help your colleagues and you will be recognized, if rules are needed we will add them down the line.

The Monthly Rewards

-Custom & Unique Forum Badge for each month.
-$100 USD Worth of SmartCash.
-Profile will be entered in the community Hall of Fame for users with multiple badges.

I will post this months design within the next week but essentially these will be changed every month to provide a unique flare.

Enjoy guys!


Cool idea @Decentralizd ill glide to see who gets it. I’m happy i got to be here in Crypto and Smartcash!


Great Idea, we would like to be able to invite spanish speaking users to participate in order to keep spreading $SMART in the Latam community. When the site is on in Spanish we will be able to do so. Indeed SmartCash is the most participative and appealing coin so far!


@decentralized thanks for spreading the word about this absolute gem of a project to Crypt0. I’m looking forward to hanging out and helping out the community around here


Great idea, looking forward to hearing more from everyone!


Great idea! Love the badge part of it too.


Great idea. Perhaps, in the future we also can think about having a group on Discord or organize Skype sessions where ambassadors and community members of the month could work together on joint proposals for projects prior to presenting them to community. This would most likely result with great brainstorming sessions, interesting projects and trustworthy proposals.


This will be really cool :ok_hand:


Good initiative! :+1:


I’m on board with this idea.:raising_hand_man:


awesome bro… we still work hard since day one no matter what.!! great initiative


Hell yeah! This is totally awesome


I’m new and its great to see initiatives like this. It will surely help in building a positive and helpful Smarthive community.


:raised_hands: Hell yeah.


Sorry I’m a bit new in here but what is a forum badge? I just need an example or something… thabks :slight_smile:


keep pounding the blog-sphere with smartcash until the world see it’s full potential.


I like it, we should let this community explode. SmartCash has some real potential :slight_smile: