Any plans to translate the site to Korean, or any Asian language?


It seems that Koreans are very active on Crypto… Any plans to translate the site to Korean?

By the way, I speak Brazilian Portuguese… I can help with the translation to Portuguese (pt-br)


I think Korean would be great and their community is obviously really active in cryptos. We need a good Korean translator!


Maybe if we talk with those two guys from Korea interviewing Charlie…


Yes . SmartCash is been constantly updated and translated to major languages. Quite recently a Greek translation is been added and a translation to Japanese/Korean language will be really helpful as well.


I am an American “expat” living in the Philippines. With over 100 million adult population (in the Philippines) and a very large cryptocurrency involvement, I introduced SmartCash to my local friends and even recommended that one become a language ambassador and a few more become translators.

Translation into Asian languages would only serve to benefit the SmartCash community.


We are working on getting Japanese and Korean translations.