Arcane Bear: Building a better tomorrow with the stories from today


Boom! We are live. This is Tijo with the Arcane Bear. Lets learn more and educate and entertain the world as the digital asset space with things like Bitcoin and Ethereum continue to forge a new path ahead!

Providing crypto and blockchain based solutions. Disruption in this centralized world has pushed decentralized media, money and marketing to a whole new arena. Follow us on the journey into the world of budding business developments, entrepreneurs and visionaries. Technology and the humans that drive it create the stories that change the world, we share the history of life as its being created!

What’s Arcane Bear?
Arcane bear is a collection of blockchain centric solutions that have real-world applications using community collaboration.

What will I see on the channel?
Will be interviewing exciting talents around the world currently in the Cryptocurrency space & then will be venturing out into delivering alternative media news.
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