Bad translation website into Russian


You have my full support. Bad translations are not only ridiculous, they are counterproductive. Unfortunately, there’s plenty of them. The other day I was visiting one of the major cities of the Czech Republic and on one on its major squares, they have a big bronze commemorative plaque… with gibberish French. You’d expect they would pay a decent translator…


Thank you very much Karl!
Guys, I’m really glad that we all feel that a good translation of the website is important. Now smartcash is my favorite coin, and I really want to draw attention to it. I think this is a great project, and we must make it even better.
I think we all try to make it better!


Good idea @alexander what do you think?


There is quite a bit of translation needed, though the process is poorly organised. The topic about Russian translation was there already a couple of times, for example.

I tried to apply and find out how the things work, but struggled to do so - I got an idea that you may translate whatever you want, and then try to find someone somewhere to submit it, while hoping that the work is not already done by someone else.

I think there should be an ambassador in each language who distributes the work among tranlators, evaluates and corrects (if needed) the work properly and rewards the translators. Currently we need to find out how is behind current translation process to work things out, set the reward/work volume rate.

There is a lot of material to translate - many pages, articles, guidelines, UI. News and articles about SmartCash will be written constantly and it is better if most valuable of them become available in many languages.

I may be wrong and maybe proper organisation process is not needed because it is already happening somehow - main site translation in Russian appears. But the translation qualitiy of the main page is indeed poor, confusing and even misleading! It is just technical word-to-word translation which is clearly performed by unprofessional translator. Sorry for the one who did this, but he doesn’t even know what he writes about or doesn’t care how new user should understand what is written.

This can’t be allowed as this literally harms SmartCash reputation.


The idea of having an ambassador for each languages is clearly a good one. Bad translations are a shame.


I have created a new topic in Pre-Proposal chapter. Lets see what community thinks.


I have found another bad translation example and this will go on unless editor or community look after the quality of translations: Подготовка кошелька для получения SmartRewards


On the site a lot of things like that. And it’s not even so bad :slight_smile:
But this is also not good.



I did advise this earlier "Please feel free to join Russian telegram channel for better co-ordination as to what content is been covered already for translation : "

Moreover, I would like to mention that the translation is been carried out by a native Russian speaker only


I would request all Russian community member to join our Russian telegram channel for better co-ordination :

It is good to see so many member getting involved towards shaping our community positively and accurately in the right direction.

All errors(if any) in translation will soon be corrected since we are actively seeking feedback from our Russian community.


I’m a native Russian speaker and I’ve join telegram group, I do have different account name there - Alexander. Let’s now see how French guys go on with their proposal. (French website translation project) Then we should launch similar one for Russian translation. If you think that proposal should be started earlier, let me know. Main page is a top priority and needs urgent correction. Please let me know who shall we submit corrections to, to make these changes. Ilya on telegram group provided about a half of the new version for main page translation and I liked the quality. If he finishes the work, with very little editing on my side it may proudly appear on the main page.

After that, I consider submitting pre-proposal and proposal for the whole site translation in Russian. I may distribute the work here on forum (we see Semptly wishes to translate) and in Telegram group, check the quality and edit what necessary. If I have doubts, I do have a professional translator and a copyrighter on my side with whom I can discuss uncertainties if any. This way we engage SmartCash community for the job rather than outsourcing it.

If you feel like you have better candidate for the this job - please let me know.


@god I have contacted @Semptly on slack and Illya at the telegram. Illya is ready to do the whole translation, we already had a word. I am waiting a response from @Semptly . Will take it further from there.

Also, feel free to connect with me at Slack or Telegram for submitting corrections.


What about the whole multilingual translation process to allow proper funding and fair pay for translators, should I submit proposal for voting? Otherwise translators reward structure is unclear.

@cryptodate Would you like to become chief language ambassador? My aim is to organise the whole process to achieve fast and efficient cross-language translations, not to become an ambassador of any kind. Or should I withdraw the project in order to let different language groups independently? What’s your opinion?

Meanwhile translation to Vietnamize proposal is getting approved with no details or proper spending description, requesting 50000 Smarts: Expanding the smartcash network to Vietnam Proposal

Should Semptly and Illya work just on enthusiasm while it can be efficiently organized and funded accordingly to work volume?


Yes if you write a proposal i will back you. A accurate russian translation is crucially needed.


No, they will not. Both have quoted the amount of SMART they will take.

Thank you for bringing this to notice ^, again. Yes I agree with you totally that the amount requested is absurd with no details provided. This proposal made a quick progress because last I checked the funding was not approved on this proposal.

@God Can you allow me a day for this ^ ?


Sure. I also addressed @Decentralizd with no respose yet. He could be busy. Would you like to become chief language ambassador? My aim is to organise the whole process to achieve fast and efficient cross-language translations, not to become an ambassador.The idea is about creating well-functioning translation process as well as fair working conditions for everyone.


The idea is to pick native speakers from different parts of the world to have a better decentralized system. There is no such thing as Chief Language ambassador or anything like this at SmartCash (but I will check with the team). We already have Russian community members who are involved since early days and have helped setup the telegram channel and started with translation, at first. However till this point of time there was no friction noticed among the community in relation to translations and such . The moment their submission for website translation went live, it seems like the whole translators group went nuts over the fact thinking the no native person is been involved.

However this does not mean that currently involved members are perfect and they cannot make mistakes. Yes they certainly and that is why it is important and valuable to get inputs from highly engaged community members like you all and I really appreciate the efforts you guys put in to make SmartCash a better cryptocurrency.

Also, just because someone is already involved does not mean that no new person can get involved. I got involved as a community member too.

And I am pretty sure that RU translation and telegram co-ordination is one topic I have been paying active attention to even during the time when we were facing technical issues.


Well, maybe you missed the detailed proposal with numbers and details I wrote for pre-proposal. Chief language ambassodor is just a title. You may call him Global translation coordinator. (I actually just have replaced previous “title” in the proposal into this new one not to confuse people)

His aim to transparently distribute fundings and provide reports for community, to coordinate with language ambassador and choose the best material for translations.


This should let flawless funding where little of translations is needed at certain period of time in certain language.


Looking at the main site web page translation I though that actually native language people were involved though tricking no-native language person by submitting school-grade translation, lol. My another guess was that actually nobody tricked anyone, just the translator skills weren’t good enough. He did his best, though it wasn’t good enough.


I’m a little confused…
Apparently, the problem is even deeper than I imagined.
The only thing is that I still offer my candidacy and can guarantee that the translation will be carried out in a qualitative way.

If I need to organize a proposal in an prescribed form, as did the French guys, I’m ready to do it.