Ban Nicehash from pools


Ruining it for all of us minor miners. Come on for 20 mins, smash out the shares, then piss off when difficulty skyrockets. no longer worth mining.


Completely agree, the difficulty bump by 200% making it worthless mining for us


I am not going to lie, I hate Nicehash and you guys are right. It’s not worth mining Smartcash because we are getting 1/5th of what we got a few weeks ago.


I totally agree on this one.
Difficulty has been up alot making it close to impossible to mine this coin when you don’t have a rig. And even if you have a rig it’s generating far less than it used to be few weeks ago.


I’ve been ranting about this on discord for weeks now probably. I’m under the impression that it would be hard/impossible to kick them out? I started mining after nicehash got hacked and they were down and it was SOOOOO much better. Anyone with more knowledge/power know of a way that this can be done? It really is ruining mining this coin and I really like this coin and think it has a lot of potential.


No clue on how it would be possible, but it’s pretty obvious when one user has TH’s of GPU power.


Stop anonymous mining, and then permaban anyone who exceeds a certain threshold would work?


They would just go to a different pool, or make their own.


I wouldnt know how to even start, but its like all the people who mine for nicehash need to be informed that there is a greater good (and greater profits) to be made from mining in a pool, and not just helping power the beast.
Any famous youtubers reading this want to make a video to champion the benefits of decentralised mining??


Probably its possible to limit the Hashpower of one user to a certain amount? otherwise changing to another asic resistant Algo might do the trick…I think this is a really serious Problem cause if it persists it will have a negative effect on the size of the community when all the “regular” Miners leave.


That’s the real problem,peoples mining on nicehash don’t know and don’t really care about what they are mining since they are paid in BTC.

So, loosing miners who believes in that project is not the smartest move for a smart coin :wink:


Is there anyone in this forum who would actually have the power to change whatever is needed to do this? Say by limiting hashrate of a single miner to a certain amount? Nicehash is easily 100s of percentage points above what the net hash rate would be if it were just “regular miners”


It would be cool if we could propose moderators for the public mining pools that could kick those abusing the system.


i agree we should but i don’t know how we can. this doesn’t mean i’m saying it’s not possible… i just don’t understand how we could do something that wouldn’t ruin the coin that they couldn’t work around. The community still gets 70% of the block reward… So even if nicehash outcompetes small miners like me, I can still benefit by being involved in proposals/voting.


Should we propose a raise for the miners? STRIKE STIKE STRIKE! :wink:


Ban nicehash and anonymous miner!


Unfortunately, it would be very difficult to ban Nicehash.

I’ve seen the problems first hand over the last few weeks as I needed to get 10000 SmartCash for my SmartNode and thought I’d mine it after having the initial SmartCash I’d purchased trapped on Cryptopia.

The main issue is the time it takes for the difficulty to retarget.

DigiByte has a solution for this called DigiShield, and it’s been very effective. They’ve already integrated it into 25 other coins.

Perhaps the SmartCash devs can get in touch with DigiByte and see if SmartCash can become the next coin with DigiShield.


I dont really know too much about the technicals but digishield sounds like a good idea if it can handle nicehash effectively.


There’s also Dark Gravity Wave difficulty re-targeting which makes things smoother. And PPLNS / PPLNT as opposed to PROP would make the official 0% pools less attractive to nicehash and similar services…


nicehash is destroying Smartcash project, because they are dumping all coins they produce on daily basis for BTC.

They are kicking out small miners from Smartcash project, and once they control/have more than 50% hashing power they will control , and destroy Smartcash blockchain as well.

I dont see how Smartcash devs dont see this or greed controls them?

Any coin which gets difficulty higher, also gets price higher because it is harder to produce each coin/costs more so price rise. That is a rule, unless you have Nicehash hackers on your pool. In this case difficulty sky rockets but price goes down , because they dump for BTC all they can produce on daily basis…

And I thought that main goal of Smartcash was that ppl actually keep their coins on long term. Thats why we had Smartrewards for holders.