Block Reward Halving Estimate?


Was wondering if anyone know when the block reward is going to half for SmartCash.



Hey man,

there is no “block reward halving” in the SmartCash chain. The block rewards are decreasing with each block. Check out this formula:


Workers Stats & (low) balances / payouts in new official US Pool

Thanks, so miners get 5% of the hashing power they contribute?

I understand that it’s a community coin, just want to make sure that 95% goes to elsewhere.


5% of each mined block goes to the pool which solved the block. So for the current block (time of writing) the reward is:

5000 * 143500 / 351056 = 2043 SMART

5% to the miners => 102 SMART

The other 95% are splitted as followed:

SmartRewards Pool - 15% (306 SMART) This pool will be entirely distributed to the hodlers on each 25th. See

SmartNodes - 10% (204 SMART) Each block 1 nodes gets this 10%. See

SmartHive/Community 70% (1430 SMART) The biggest part goes into the community treasure to fund proposals and some of it also into the hive addresses to fund all the hive teams. See and