Blockchain Bootstrap Updated October 24th


I was having trouble syncing on linux. I essentially had to restart my wallet 20-30 times to get it to sync. We had this problem with NuShares/NuBits as well and a blockchain bootstrap was the best solution. This is mostly for Linux users that are syncing for the first time. In order to use this on Linux you will want to open the wallet once so that it creates the .smartcash folder. Then close the wallet and wipe the contents of .smartcash replacing it with the 2 folders (unzipped) contained in this torrent. This will create your new wallet.dat and have you mostly caught up on the blockchain (up to Oct19).

Link -

In some instances (more specifically if you do not delete your wallet.dat and start a new) when loading smartcash-qt it might appear to get stuck on the “loading wallet…” screen while actually processing new information (reindexing zerocoin transactions). Debug.log will display the progress of that process.

Having trouble Syncing Wallet :(

Updated bootstrap (as of Oct 24th)


Hi @Proteus!

Could you please make an updated boostrap again. I don’t now why, but it takes hours for my wallet to sync 6 days…

Edit: I probably should have posted this here How to Upgrade to the SmartCash Wallet v1.0.0 (Important!)

Edit2: I’ve downloaded th last version of your boostrap, i’ve only 2 days to sync now. Consider this post void.