[Bounty] 200,000 SmartCash for in depth video series explaining SmartCash features


I’m not going to go into much details yet as I know noone will tackle this today but I would like to see a series of 5-7 videos explaining everything about SmartCash in a simple, manageable fashion. Each video would be under 5 minutes to keep them digestible but still in depth enough to make sure a completely new user understands the main aspects of SmartCash and the vision of the community.

Person talking to the video camera style (may have some animated pieces or images to support of course)
High Quality & High Definition
Covers all the main aspects of SmartCash from SmartRewards to renew.
Quality Sound
Professionally animated intro and outro
English (for now)

Yes, I said; 200,000 SmartCash

SmartCash Community Store

Hey mate, maybe in an infographic style? I know a company in Australia that does them but it might be too expensive. maybe use fiverr.com?


Im already working on paid versions of these I want to provide a chance for people to earn SmartCash honestly more than anything.

How can I help?

Going LIVE on Monday !!. Get your gears ready. :+1:


Is there meant to be a time delay between the release of the video’s in the series ? or all episodes at once ?


They should be given to me personally prior to launching as well please. All at once.

French translation of the website

Can I participate in this as well? If I create high quality 7 videos explaining about the features of Smartcash then I’ll get 200k smart cash? or this is contest as well?


Can I participate in this as well? If I create high quality 7 videos explaining about the features of Smartcash then I’ll get 200k smart cash? or this is contest as well?


That’s fine the goal is to end up with solid onboarding content


Hi guys!! I’ve been following you on Steemit since you sponsored that NFL contest, I intended to respond to this post a couple of weeks ago but life got busy so…

Is this bounty still up? My wife does really good on camera plus she speaks other languages in case we need to expand internationally (Spanish, Italian, French), I’d be doing all the editing and scripting. I think it could be a really cool series of videos!!

Let me know, and keep up this great work :wink:


Hey! I run a YT channel and I could be quite interested in helping you with your project. You can check out my videos to understand the quality. I do not however have an intro outro for my channel. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KuMF6pXn8es&lc=z23wfv54onipsruzk04t1aokg4iz3gpeea1fziiunhdobk0h00410

You can reach me on thecryptolark@gmail.com if you want to discuss further.

All the best,


Hi @thecryptolark like your work.


Thanks hockleyj! Appreciate it!


I believe I can start a new ho ho ho ho I have an idea! I can do YouTube. I was a YouTuber. Err… Just wondering if I’m too late for this. Is 200,000 SMART for each good series by the YouTuber?


Is there a deadline on this series? Can multiple people win this prize?


I was wondering about which platform should we publish on?


YouTube would be the best current option.


Hi! we finally got everything done! hope you guys enjoy it!! it took a lot of work and love :stuck_out_tongue:

Intro: what is Smart Cash?: https://youtu.be/q0EvCyu-Ltc

Mining and Block Rewards: https://youtu.be/gRBsgJVfK4E

Smart Rewards: https://youtu.be/LVSLdgWPfmE

Smart Hive: https://youtu.be/x_zKsd5at3U

Renew: https://youtu.be/u1Gv348yBcw

Instant Pay: https://youtu.be/Ko97O9TTY_E

Roadmap: https://youtu.be/_mSCjDvFQnw


Greetings all. I’m a marketer and native English speaker. Kudos to barcalogia for his great efforts but I found the accent a little tough to understand. Does anyone think there’d be value in me doing a set of videos too?


I think you should definitely try. I like being honest. While I want to thank the participant for the effort, no offence, but presented work wouldn’t make me personally look into SmartCash.