Bring SmartCash to Togo


This proposal seek to make Togo the first French west African country to adopt cryptocurrency massively in order to extend its success to other French speaking countries. We aim at making SmartCash ubiquitous in Togo since Togo is new when it come to cryptocurrency.

Togo is one of the countries where cryptocurrency has not being introduced to . The West African Nation is home to over 7.606 million people and counted among entities where monetary mismanagement has ruined lives and wealth creation.Myself and my team have interviewed a number of small-scale businesses, businesses and market traders prior to this project and the responses revealed that most people shun banks due to a number of reasons which include lack of trust, difficulty in accessing funds, cumbersome procedures in opening accounts, and high interest charges on loans. Surprisingly, most Small and Medium Enterprises owners affirmed that they cannot trust banks with their savings due to hidden charges and unclear condition. There is no doubt the country is ready for use of cryptocurrencies to enjoy its good fruit. Amazingly SmartCash can use this as first mover advantage to capture Togo for it to become first SmartCash nation
Togo is divided into five regions namely centrale, Kara, Maritime, Plateau and savenes with Lome been the capital city which is located in Maritime. Togo shared borders with Ghana where cryptocurrency is gradually gaining root a lot of economics activities goes on between Ghana and Togo introducing smartcash in Togo can really help economic activities to boom since receiving remittances and money can be made easily focusing on instant aspect of SmartCash and it border free feature. Recently there was agreement between Togo,Ghana and Burkina Faso to foster free movement of goods and services ( link to confirm the agreement sign-pact ) here is the case individual have to change cedis to Cefa and vice versa before transaction can be made. With SmartCash, transaction will be easy and simple. Conferences will be held in the various capital cities in Togo. Two conference in each city. Why the conference before we invade each region we will begin with a conference to invite the people in that cities to open new wallet and also educate them on the need to accept SmartCash and why they should used it in their day to day transactions. So as to announce our present before we begin with individual meetup and business owners visitation.However the introduction of SmartCash to businesses and exchanges establishment will start from Maritime region the industrial and most populous region of the country for as to see how the people and businesses embrace it before we will extend to other regions of the country.

Why Togo

  1. Togo is virgin when it come to cryptocurrency so SmartCash can used first mover advantage to capture the people of Togo when its come to cryptocurrency.

  2. The adoption of cryptocurrency in French speaking countries is very minimal as compared to countries like Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya and other Africa countries which are all English speaking countries. However the interraction, trade and culture of the French west African countries are the same this means adoption for one means it will diffuse to other countries since SmartCash offers great potential to our activities and daily lives.

3.Togo is a country in West Africa bordered by Ghana to the west, Benin to the east and Burkina Faso to the north. It extends south to the Gulf of Guinea, on which the capital Lomé is located. Togo covers an area of approximately 57,000 square kilometres. Ghana is growing very well when it come to cryptocurrency. There is a lot of economic activities that goes on between Ghana and Togo. Here is the case you have to change your Togolese currency to Ghana currency and vice versa this comes with hidden charges which are very high. With this I believed that if SmartCash gain root in Togo like Ghana people will start using SmartCash due to the instant and border free nature of SmartCash with that economic activities between Ghana and Togo will be smooth and convenient which will eventually make SmartCash a cryptocurrency with utility.

How we will do it
1.There will be one on one meet up with businesses and business owners on the need to accept SmartCash as a medium of exchange showing them the great benefit smartcash offer them so as to make SmartCash a medium of exchange to increase utility and volume in circulation in Togo.

  1. There will be radio talk show and TV talk show to create awareness for easy mass adoption in Togo.

  2. Conferences will be held to create wallets. Under this conference participants will be thought how to download and make transactions with smartcash wallet. Benefit of using it as a medium of exchange will be our focus that is more of our teaching will be centred there since SmartCash solve most of our Fiat issues again an intensive education on SmartCash, how to set up SmartCash wallets, how to accept SmartCash as payment using designed printed SmartCash POS in a form of printed SmartCash QR codes or using SmartCard in future, and how SmartCash can be of great benefit to their businesses will be explain very well
    All participants will be trained on the how to download and setup SmartCash wallets, key features of SmartCash, how to purchase SmartCash from local and international exchanges, and the advantages of using SmartCash for their daily transactions worldwide for the payment of goods and services, payment of fees/bills, receiving remittances and many more. Some dollars worth of SmartCash will be given to the participants and have them send some of it back to other participants. This will make them feel the speed and convenience with SmartCash and also give them experience in using SmartCash immediately. The unbanked or the under banked will therefore be encouraged to use their savings to purchase SmartCash to accumulate capital and wealth using SmartCash as store of capital in the long term to liberate themselve from their economic woes and make their entrepreneurial dream achievable.

We will partner with organizations who share the same ideology with us and speak at their events. We will do presentations to the audience
and members and have an inquiry desk at the event were people could come for more information. We aim at partnering organizations which cut across boundaries so as to get opportunity to introduce SmartCash to other French west African countries.we are currently speaking to workaway to speak under their events. we currently also speaking to also give as the opportunity to partner with them.

The objective of this proposal is to introduce smartcash to the people of Togo and also make SmartCash a “cryptocurrency with high utility” than speculative asset” in Togo. When the conferences are completed business on boarded and awareness created
benefits will be obvious and demand will grow. People of Togo will start to
demand smartcash for their transactions as it solves many problems their
national currency (including portability, security, and inflation) impose on them . We
will make smartcash ubiquitous in Togo with high utility and velocity - with its
greater security, medium-of-exchange and store-of-value properties than legacy
currencies or fiat.

Website for will be used so well that all our activities will be post there.
Videos, pictures and all necessary information concerning our activities will be communicated to all smarties on the various platforms of smartcash.
We will also submit a text and video report documenting everything we did with lesson learned so that other teams can replicate our innovative ideas experiment in accelerating the growth of SmartCash

This project will be executed for three month. Starting with maritime region Lome (Lomé, with a population of 837,437 metro population 1,570,283), is the capital and largest city of Togo. Located on the Gulf of Guinea, Lomé is the country’s administrative and industrial center and its chief port. The city exports coffee, cocoa, copra, and palm kernels. It also has an oil refinery).For the first 1st month and then followed by the conferences and meetup in other two regions for the last two months

We are asking for $8,650.00 every month for the next three months to promote SmartCash in three regions of Togo.

Lack of online and physical exchange in Togo. When demand of SmartCash begin to grow is obvious that they will be looking for exchanges that allow simple payment with mobile money and local bank accounts. With this we have decided to speak to online exchange platform in Ghana to add Togo to their platform so that people of Togo can purchase SmartCash easily and conveniently whilst we work constantly to established online exchange for all French speaking countries in Africa.

transportation to and within each region for one month $900.00
Accommodation for a month 3people $1000.00 Smartcash T-shirts for participants in a region $900
Conference room for two meet ups in a region $1200.00
Refreshment for participants in a region $950
Two smartcash radio discussion $1000.00
One TV discussion in a region $600.00
Roll up banner $150.00
Smartcash stickers and fliers $250.00
Cost of photograph services $500.00
Tokens for participants a month $300.00
Salary of team 300* 3 for a month $900.00
subtotal $8650.00
Total for three month $8650.00* 3 = $25,950.00


The partnerships seemed more interesting, partnerships are a great way to promote and extend the reach. A more detailed list of which conferences will be held would help.

Costs for full support for three team members for three months seems quite a bit. You may be able to get more support with a smaller proposal, to focus on this part time each month, such as doing five 2-day trips each month for a total of 10 days instead of ~30 days.

A proposal with a cost less than $10,000 is much more likely to succeed in voting for this type of activity.

Generally there is a lack of detail on what specifically you are proposing to do, such as an itinerary.


Thanks for your concern in the proposal. All your suggestions will be take into consideration. The team have had a meeting concerning it. We will update it soon. Thank you.


The Togo team is doing smartcash full time. 2-3 trip in one whole region aren’t enough. Due to this the team has decided to spend a month in each region to create full awareness and do continuous meet up with ambassadors and businesses Remember Togo is new when it’s come to crypto. Looking at the cost is far too down concerning what we want to do. We even plan of doing it without treasury fund but it was beyond our means. Let’s get this proposal pass @mark-smartcash other coin want to enter the French west African countries those countries have been quiet for awhile concerning crypto the likes of Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Benin, Cameroon,Togo among others. Let’s use first mover advantage to get this done. Our investigation and research also show that they are ready to embrace crypto currency. Hope to see this outreach proposal pass


Why three month and not just two or three days ?

Why spend 500$ for photography in a very poor country like Togo ?

No good ROI can be achived in such à country. They do not have one single exchange so after introducing them to smartcash How then will they buy smartcash.

Your information about smartcash being thé first cryptocurrency is not true. Dash ambassador in Ghana have Been there and Infact hé has also convince about four différent hôtel to accept dash at thé hôtel in Togo. Ref:

There is an OTC venue for Dash there Which have helped them in achieving their aims.

Dash have Been able to convince coindirect to buy And sell dash at Togo. Ref:

This proposal after my Research look like a copied Work from one of thé DashHub team. I have noticed like four proposal hère that is a copied Work from thé dash community. I won’t take that from any of you guys in Ghana. Thé smartach road show was à copied project from one of thé dash ambassador in Ghana name: cryptolib.

I will take my time to exposé anyone who do stuff like this again. I have invested into smartcash and i won’t take all this rubbish from you guys. You either step up your games or you leave. Don’t come hère to ask for Money When you cannot spend time to think well.


I don’t know what you are talking about I am down here and I know no crypto currency is here we did not just start putting up a proposal we did
A lot of ground works and research organizing 3 meet up with our own fund and so far as you got a fake news on the internet about DASH already in Togo does not make our proposal inappropriate . I am here in Togo Lome to be precise we can tell you that no French west African country is been introduce to crypto currency. Is yesterday that I saw on the internet that DASH treasury pass a proposal concerning French west African countries the guy hasn’t start work yet Again you saying we copy the proposal is kind of funny to me read the proposal very well so far as it’s feature radio TV and conference does not make it a copied a proposal those three approach work very well everywhere. It seem you did not read the proposal go to challenges portion we stated emphatically that no exchange is available however we are speaking to to add Togo so that people of Togo can buy Smartcash. Next time read proposal very well before you start commenting rubbish. 2-3days in one whole region what can you achieve. Ask proposal owners and they will tell you even one month each for each region for country who know nothing about crypto currency is not enough. We wanted something like a year to turn Togo into a smartcash nation but before then community help so that we can expand the outreach. We are starting small we will eventually make it big.
Lastly this proposal is not copied proposal and so far as a proposal is been achieved by ambassador in DASH doesn’t mean it can’t be achieved by another from smartcash. Whatever DASH ambassadors has achieved in venuezuela SmartCash ambassadors can followed the steps and achieved the similar thing does that mean SmartCash Ambassadors are not thinking? @Crypto_Coach take this seeing that what other ambassadors did for other coin work in your country and doing same for the coin you love doesn’t mean you did not think to put something together. Lastly crypto currency is for everyone, everybody and every country is not for the rich nor for the poor country you mention Togo is poor make me think that you are shallow.