Build Global ecommerce site use smartcash as payment method


Today, cryptocurrency use for buy and sell (you can understand as investment) on trade’s website is no more interesting. In furture cryptocurrency want to grow strong must have a environment that user can use they coin to buy anything. In this case coin (smartcash) will is a really currency.

My idea is create a global ecommerce site so user had own smartcash can buy and sell anything for thay life.

The ecommerce site will increment people use smartcash around the world

First stage i will build a market to buy and sell any online items, and a freeland job website


Hi @trinhdiep building ecommerce site that accepted smartcash seem be good. Can you make more detail about it.

  1. Right now have other ecommerce site that accepted smartcash already ( what is your strategy? what will make people will use your site? ( buyer, seller, supplier …)

  2. Did you exclusive only accepted SmartCash or you will accept other kind of crypto or fiat?

  3. How much do you want to get from Project treasury? Please make clear why other ecommerce above make it them self without fund from SmartCash. I mean you should prove that how SmartCash community will get more benefit when fund your project compare with above project.

  4. How about your timeline?


  1. Site only accept smart.
  2. Site work as bussiness to bussiness market so anyone can buy and sell,
    First stage we sell digital products but late our targets not only sell digital products, site need to like Amazon so users can buy local or global items for themselves

Your provide list look like some site accept smart but I seen they preferred use usd as payment than smart. And seen hardly to buy with smart.
Better if we build a market with primary payment is smart. However I thing build a payment method accept smart for any online market connect is good idea too but I prefer a independence market than.
Timeline will finished on 3/2019.


Some plugin or extension for popular e-commerce platform seem be good


This idea is better than most I’ve read lately.