Building french community


Hi there,

Im Michel, 40 from Marseille France. Following Smartcash for months now. Already wrote an article in french. I 'm a freelance writer since 2004 and worked for newspapers and Internet.
Would like to expand SmartCash community to France.
French 's public is not really aware about crypto, but i think the democratic project behind SmartCash can seduce a lot of people here.

I propose start building up a french community. Starting on steem and Medium, social networks. Just for the beginning.
For later we could imagine a website and maybe meetings. Marseille is second city of France, very dynamic with few start up.
If there any french native or speakers here, we could start organise ourself


Hello Michel, good to have you in the Hive! I’m not a french speaker unfortunately but did want to say that this would be a good way to kick things off for everyone who may be interested in crypto in the French-speaking community in Europe. Eventually we could do a proposal for everyone about doing some sort of website or event once we can get the social media up and running.


Hi Liborum, thanks for your answer. Yes i think it would be a good idea. Website + social medias in french. We can do that with a very small team. I know a bit of wordpress and of course i can write and communicate.

French translation of the website

Trying to build up a French community is a good idea. Good job Neo!


What should i do first ? Maybe a Facebook “official” group in french ? Its free, good to start. If i have the agreement of the community i can do it.
As a freelance i worked writing articles for incubateur Belle de Mai in my city Marseille. Its a start up hive for helping them. I did interview of a actor of Blockchain (KEEEX Laurent Henocque
Got contacts if we want do some more concrete events. The network is already here and receptive.


Yeah, a Facebook page or a Twitter account would all be good.


Very good idea best of luck


France SmartCash facebook page is born :slight_smile:


Good job again Neo! :+1: !