Business owners Adoption of Smartcash and Conference in Nigeria



Nigeria will stand to have the largest Smartcash community base in Africa by holding a mega conference for Smartcash education and viral adoption of Smartcash into businesses by introducing Smartcash to hundreds of crypto enthusiast and tech/internet users in various institutions in Africa starting from Nigeria which will help in adoption of Smartcash into businesses for buying and selling of goods and services, (Retail shops, Restaurants, Healthcare, Real estate, etc.,.) bringing merchants in through event set up with business owners.
The motivation behind this project is to promote SmartCash through education and events for massive adoption and usage in Nigeria and Africa at large.

The viral talk about Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency in Africa today cannot be over emphasized, it was informed by google that Africa recorded the highest search request on Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency in late 2017 and early 2018, about 43% search on Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency was from Africa with Nigeria holding the highest proportion of it. Nigeria being the largest populated country in Africa, presents to be a fertile base for adoption of innovative technologies, pregnated with millions of youth that are interested in internet businesses and open to technology that present to them a way of making money online.
Educating student and community on Smartcash platform through conference and effective workshop activities in Nigeria in various institutions will serve as a great way of creating new user base and community base for SmartCash in Nigeria and Africa at large. This will allow crypto driven individuals that got enlightened through our conference and meetups to start using SmartCash as a medium of exchange and a way of making money online through Smartcash Reward system and Smartcash Nodes. Business owner meetups will also serve as a massive way for SmartCash adoption to be used as payment for goods and services.


  1. To create a large SmartCash community base in Africa
  2. To introduce SmartCash to a minimum of 200 business owners and merchants in Nigeria
  3. Training individuals with vast knowledge on Blockchain to become smartcash ambassadors for continuous merchant adoption
    Participants would be trained on how to benefit from smartcash reward system, set up SmartCash wallets and also how they can be part of Smartcash social activities to contribute to the development of Smartcash community. Individuals with vast knowledge on Blockchain and Smartcash services will be trained on how to continuously onboard merchants and businesses for the adoption of Smartcash as their payment means. Below is the planned activity for them.

The event would entail talks on:

o Blockchain & cryptocurrency
o How to download and setup SmartCash wallets
o Buying and selling of Smartcash
o Understanding the Smartcash Reward system
o Smartcash Mining.
o Smartcash Rewards.
o Smartcash Smart Nodes

a. Presentation on how Local and major business to adopt SmartCash as their payment means.
b. Advantages of using SmartCash for their daily transactions like payments of goods and services, payment of fees/bills, receiving remittances and many more
c. Training individuals with vast knowledge on Blockchain to become Smartcash ambassador for continuous merchant adoption.

Date Event
Date Event Description
Printing & Publicity, Printing of needed materials for both the conference and meetup publicity: Shirt, Banner, Stickers, Pamphlet, and Roll up
Publicity: Flyers, Online advert, and Bulk sms
Conference Introduction to Blockchain & cryptocurrency:
Blockchain technology Presentation, Cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.

Presentation on SmartCash: Buying and selling of Smartcash, Understanding the Reward system Smartcash, Smartcash Mining, Smartcash Rewards, Smartcash Smart Nodes, Partnership with Nigerian exchange for buying and selling of Smartcash

Community Building activity:
Creating Smartcash club,
Community activities; Steemit, Discord, Telegram and Reddit.

Continuous onboarding of merchants: Signing up merchants and businesses to accept Smartcash


Budget for Printing:
Shirts - $12 per shirt for 100 T- shirts = $1,200
Banner $40 * 3 = $120
Stickers $2 * 200 = $400
Pamphlet $1 * 200 = $200
Roll up $130 * 3 = $360

SubTotal = $2280

Budget for Conference
Venue $350 = $350
Audio Visuals $70 = $70
Media Coverage $100 = $100
Press Coverage $100 = $100
Refreshments $10 * 100 = $1,000
Logistics = $100
Total = $1720
Budget for Publicity
Online adverts = $400
Flyers = $200
Bulk sms = $25

SubTotal = $625

Remuneration for Volunteers
$100 * 4 = $400

Total Budget = $5,025


What kind of pamphlets are you printing?


Are you creating presentation videos?


Your plans are good, but are you going to signing up up to 200 merchants and in what timeline, anyways wish you well


A four(4) pages short, detailed and illustrative design pamphlets explaining Smartcash services, is what we are working on for the conference and business owners meetup.


@excellentsmart All our speakers are going to have and submit presentation slides.

A detailed video explaining smartcash services will also be presented at the conference which will be available online for people to learn from and will be given to on board merchants.
Subsequently, we’re going to be producing more videos explaining Smartcash services and also for Smartcash club update from various institutions they are operating from… This will serve as community feedback.


Thanks for your comment @Mikedave98, Our goal of introducing Smartcash to a minimum of 200 merchants at the conference is going to be done but on boarding them will be a continuous activity, that will be constantly put in check by the Smartcash ambassador that will be set up through this conference and workshop.
We can be assured of 20 merchants adopting Smartcash into their businesses in few weeks after this conference, but the goal of on boarding 200 merchants will be a continuous one until we hit it in Nigeria through various conferences that will be holding at various top institutions in Nigeria.


your budget doesnt add up.

please update and fix the math.

2280+625+1100+800 is not 6525

also, if you are paying the “volunteers”, how are they volunteers?


The math is correct, you omitted to add the budget for the conference in your math, i think it wasn’t well spaced and have corrected that…

On the remuneration assign to volunteers, it serves as payment for their services and also personal costs would be incurred in the course of carrying out their duties.

Also, they would assist in on boarding merchants after the conference.


The correction looks fine.

You are still over on admin cost, per your latest #675 submission.


How much should the admin cost be?


It is on the terms and conditions that you agreed on upon proposal submission.

Here is the link:

Hope it helps!


Seen. Latest proposal has a remuneration of $400 and logistics $100 a total of $500 and less than 10% of the total budget of $6,125.

Kindly go through.



Logistics $100
Budget for Smartcash incentive and giveaway
Smartcash giveaway to early participant at the conferences $5 * 100 = $500
Incentive for Businesses that accept SmartCash $30 * 20 = $600

SubTotal = $1200

Remuneration for Volunteers
$200 * 4 = $800

2000 over 6850


You can use this to print:


Budget edited.

New proposal submitted.



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