Buy FIAT / Other Assets, with SmartCash Direct


Hello, my name is Mark, I have approximately 11 years in the business of exchange houses, I have met SmartCash through some friends who currently market with this crypto.

With our experience and management in the field, this pre-proposal is born, which is to create an online platform where we can directly sell some digital assets and fiat with its SMART pair.

In the first phase we have two candidate pairs, due to our great experience with the mobility of these and their easy handling.

SMART => PayPal
SMART => WesterUnion

Taking into account the magnitude of the project there are several parts to be evaluated, the main topic of course the exchange commissions, relatively we handle really low rates, in case of Paypal a 4-8% (including reception fee in your PayPal account) depends the market volatility and for Wester Union between 4-6%.

Secondly, the delivery time, currently in our stores when they are paid as in this case, PayPal we make payments twice a day, and WesterUnion once a day. These are well managed times according to our experience, taking into account the time zone (UTC / GMT-4).

This proposal would solve the access of SMART to fiat / PayPal (of principle, we hope to add more options in the future) directly and another important point is the reduction of commissions to be able to obtain it.

We want to know from the community the sincere criticisms and recommendations about this project, even our analysis continues, we see that the SMART market continues to improve and the community is growing.

Feel free to express your requirements, some other asset? recommendations in commissions at times, we are attentive to answer your request.


There are several fiat gateways already in place at exchanges and also some of the simpler widget-style instant exchange formats. Can you share more about your system, company, or website?

Western Union is an interesting option, although expensive for most people to use as a money transmitter. PayPal explicitly disallows crypto sales in their policies, so that would be banned when they found out.


Hi, thanks for your response.

Answering your questions, we do not have a website we work in allies, in two important cities in Colombia, the first is “Mazuren Changes” in the capital, Bogota, and the other is “WIX International” in Cucuta Colombia.

Our mode of work is simple, we try to obtain the largest volume of operations, in order to provide the lowest possible rate and speed in operations, we have clients that send money from Colombia to many places in Europe and the United States, as well as the rest of America.

As for the peers we discussed, in the subject of Wester Union, if in some cases it is expensive, but we handle low shipments, no higher than 400 US Dollars per operation. Even so, in our day to day it is an option very used by our clients, for the efficiency and instantaneous disposition of the money.

With PayPal your observation is correct, our method of PayPal-PayPal shipping is with several accounts worldwide to the account of our final customer, it is never a single account, that is, for each payment we use different accounts in different countries Verified, so it is not an impediment to be able to comply with the demand through this means of payment. I want to make the observation that I did not do in the main post is that we handle amounts for operations not greater than 250 US Dollars.

It should be noted that this project would be an exclusive platform for SmartCash, where all users of the community can go and have this means of buying fast and secure.

Once again thank you for your questions, this attentive for some other question or suggestion.


Your project sounds interesting. but I think you need to organize it better. I also think that it is not an option for any of your peers. You must focus on a market and then expand according to experiences … Wester Union is indeed very high, plus your commissions. you will not leave anything to sender … I for example make changes with smartcash to my country venezuela and I really like a page that is called orinoco, Investigala and I think that will help you a lot in your idea … Good luck


Hello, thank you for your suggestion, with this we will improve our proposal, According to our experience of change, WU is still a valid option for many, one of the factors in the world of exchange are the possibilities, and knowing that you can count on that pair for today you do not need it, this is about, in terms of the commissions we will try to improve the% as much as possible, we are sure that even so many will use it, it is necessary to emphasize that the high commissions that in case WU charges are rewarded with the speed and effectiveness of the service, it is likely that this in an emergency or trouble would be super useful, without counting other many scenarios that the person may have.

We did not understand exactly what you meant by organizing. We reviewed the web that you told us, and it seems good, the problem is that it handles a single FIAT currency that is useful in that country, and if it solves something that we probably do not offer but in the same way, we offer something that they do not offer, from here born the initiative of our two pairs, try to reach the largest number of people in our community in the world.

And for the part of PayPal it is necessary to recognize that it is used in a great world scope, that is why it is first in our list.

We reiterate, that here we seek to solve in some cases the loss of commissions and mainly time, speed in operations without having to move SMART from one side to another.

Once again we appreciate your suggestions, any other questions we are asking to clarify them.


Hello, did you intend to continue with this proposal? @appleEx


Yes Mr., excuse me, I’ve been absent due to health problems, I’m back.


It requires more specifics to be something that could be voted on at, should you get a description of what the project will do and what the costs are.


we only wish to have the advice and requirements of the community to formalize then the whole creation of the project and its costs, what are the needs and the biggest demands of the community in these countries to be able to be as useful as possible.


If nobody else has feedback I suggest you make a proposal on what you are best able to provide as services.


I do see the need for this or something similiar. There are already several fiat gateways for Smartcash, however these are only for the major currencies. So in countries in which the local fiat does not have a gateway or even where it is difficult to get hands on Bitcoin, it makes sense to have a solution (which ideally can be reused across countries). Paypal is good, but adding a Over The Counter Option to connect people that want to buy and that want to sell smartcash with local Fiat would be also a great addition. There are many OTC websites but none of them that I have seen offer SmartCash. In many countries without fiat gateways localbitcoin is the only place (which again is only BTC). Alternatively have major OTC markets inlcude smartcash.