Cant open crontabs


Always need to start new alias every 4 hrs,
im trying to setup crontabs to clear my debug.log but never lets me get past the open crontabs -e process.
always says " no crontabs for smart admin using an empty one".
I have followed the steps in the website 100 times
Please any1 can assist?



you have missing editor. install one vim or vi or nano.


I’d first look into this problem. If every 4 hours your node changes its status from Enabled to something else, then there is a problem with your setup other than debug.log which can live without being cleared for some days, no doubt. What status your node is showing? Do you check your status here:

What VPS provider are you using? Are there usage statistics of Memory/CPU? Do they look ok? If they look fine, I’d be first thinking of reinstalling the node from scratch, maybe you’ve corrupted files during installation.

P.S.The line crontab -e normally gives you “No such file, using a new one”, because you are creating it. When you call crontab -e next time, it should then just open it without a warning.