Catalize massive growth for Smart Cash


The Cryptocurrency Investing Network

Catalyzing Growth for the Smart Cash Community

By providing effective educational content, The CI Network helps the businesses of tomorrow get the attention they deserve today.

Our Experience

In 2017, the founder of the CI Network, Jeff Kirdeikis, started a group on Facebook called “Ethereum Investing” to chat about the Ethereum ecosystem. This group rapidly grew to 40,000 members. Jeff then decided to open another group titled “ Cryptocurrency Investing&rdquo, which has now grown to 137,000 members. Alongside opening up other groups and partnering with existing groups, the network is now 1.6 million+ members strong.

Our Approach

We are cryptocurrency enthusiasts just like you hoping to spread adoption and make a world-changing impact. We are passionate about creating awareness and educating the community on new and industry-leading projects. We know many projects neither have the time nor the resources to attain the reach needed to build trust within the crypto sphere, but with today’s skepticism, it is a must. And that’s where we come in.

CI Network has gained a reputation providing quality content for new and established projects and building passionate followings. We are a transparent, relationship-driven team that is easy to work with. We succeed because our clients do.

Your Success

The passion and vision of the Smart Cash community is a real-world testament to a decentralized tomorrow. Driven by the sweat equity of the community, there have been many major advancements over the last year; It’s time to showcase all that hard work to the world.

In order to maximize the benefit to the Smart Cash ecosystem, this proposal will only focus on areas of high impact exposure.

reuters .com/ - Founded 1851 Reuters is a leading news outlet that has weathered the test of time. Reuters is world-renowned as the go-to platform for business professionals and averages +45 million page visits per day. Having a featured article in Reuters will provide visibility for the Smart Cash community and mass exposure to business professionals who trust the Reuters platform.

thecrypto .app/ - The Crypto App is an innovative Cryptocurrency multi-tool, with over 100,000 daily users. Push notifications pop up on the users’ phones and are a great way to provide exposure to people already acquainted with cryptocurrency.

Goals of New Proposal

  1. Create public awareness for the Smart Cash network.
  2. Bolster the Smart Cash community by attracting new innovative members.
  3. Expose the Smart Cash ecosystem to personal from traditional investment markets.
  4. Feature Smart Cash content on high volume websites


  • Smart Cash branding added to the start sequence of The Cryptocurrency Investing Podcast - 4 Episodes
  • Create a Smart Cash chain awareness campaign with short easy to digest video content
  • Pin & Post awareness campaign videos to all CI branded Facebook groups - Pinned 3 Days
  • Post awareness campaign videos to Uptrennd - 2 Days Boosted Post
  • Post awareness campaign videos to Uptrennd Twitter with prizes for top comments x 2 Tweets
  • Schedule and conduct Routers interview - 1 Featured Interview
  • Post Reuters interview to all CI social channels.
    • Facebook pinned post, Twitter promotional tweet, Uptrennd boosted post.
  • Banner Ad Impressions on X 200,000 Impressions
  • Push Notification from The Crypto App - 1 Push


  1. Incorporate Smart Cash Branding message into intro sequence of the Cryptocurrency Investing Podcast hosted by Jeff Kirdeikis for the next 4 podcasts
  2. Create a series of 3 short 5 - 10 min videos highlighting key aspects of the Smart Cash ecosystem.

*All videos will be posted to Uptrennd & CI branded Facebook groups & pinned to the top for one day each.

*Each video will be released with a promotional tweet from @Uptrennd

*Conduct Smart Cash engagement giveaway on Twitter (4x 250 SMART Prizes)

  • Follow @scashofficial and @Uptrennd
  • Join Smart Cash Telegram/Discord
  • Like & Retweet
  • Tag 2 Friends
  1. Schedule & Conduct Routers Interview (1 Month notice needed for Routers publication)
  • Post completed Reuters interview to CI branded Facebook groups & Uptrennd.
  • A promotional tweet announcing Routers featured interview.
  1. Publish Smart Cash promotional Banner to
  • 200,000 Impressions
  1. Push Notification from (14 days notice needed to be given)
  • Push Notification - Announcing micro-content & Twitter & Engagement Contest

Timeline of promotion:

Once voting on this proposal is complete The CI Network team will begin to implement all of the above promotional commitments in a timely fashion. *approx. 45 days will be needed to complete all of the listed obligations.

  • Produce Smart Cash micro-content series: 30 days needed for the preparation, recording and finalizing of videos. Videos will be published and pinned to our Facebook groups and Uptrennd with accompanying promotional tweets.
  • TheCryptoApp Push - Will be scheduled in accordance with the publication of the micro-content series and will help enhance the visibility of micro-content and twitter engagement contest.
  • Smart Cash banner ad on Uptennd: Banner ad will be implemented alongside the publication of micro-content.
  • Smart Cash Featured Reuters article: 40 - 45 days needed for the preparation, recording and finalizing of the interview. Videos will be published and pinned to our Facebook groups and Uptrennd with an accompanying promotional tweet.
  • Podcast Sponsor Spot - Smart Cash branding will be added to the next 4 open or non-sponsored podcast sponsor spots.

The Offering:

The CI Network recognizes Smart Cash as a visionary project with tremendous potential - A Smart Cash exclusive 20% discount has been applied to the cost of advertising

4X - Podcast Sponsorship $500.00 -20% $400.00
Awareness Video Campaign Creation $1250.00 -20% $1,000.00
4 - Days Facebook Pinned Posts $1500.00 -20% $1200.00
4 - Promotional Tweets $500.00 -20% $400.00
1 - Routers Interview $1250.00 -20% $1,000.00
200k - Banner Ad Impressions $500.00 -20% $400.00
1X - TheCrypto.App Push Notifications $1250.00 -20% $1,000.00
The total cost of Proposal $7,200.00 -20% $5,400.00 USD

We are willing to offer this entire package for a fraction of the cost of networks similar to ours. This is because we believe in the Smart Cash project, and we only represent projects that we believe in. The proceeds of these packages allow the network to remain free and allows us to continue to promote only the most legitimate projects such as Smart Cash.