Central american smartcash ambassador + istmobit exchange funding


Hello everyone, first of all truly happy to know about this disruptive community and this amazing crypto. I collaborate daily with @themonkeycoin team just that I am operating from Costa Rica as I left Venezuela one year from now for obvious reasons. Plus me and my wife had a baby and we decided it was time to leave.

Since then we have been basically looking for opportunities to make a decent living in such a nice (expensive) country and so far it has been quite a rough journey. I found back my hope thanks to crypto. In the last years I have been sucked in this world and I have seen my small capital grow little by little, having ups and downs, losses and small earnings, paying the price of the learning curve.

Since I met this project I have been truly excited to the possibility to make a decent living working 100% in promoting SmartCash in Costa Rica and furthermore in Central America and the Caribbean (ambitious). My project is to come up with an crypto exchange for the region. Already have something put out there (www.istmobit.com) just the most important part is missing, the software.

As an immigrant, at this very moment I have different priorities (my family food and shelter), but I can’t sleep thinking that someone will launch my idea before me as I lack of funds to go through this project all by myself. I dream about quitting my job to give 100% of my time to Istmobit+Smartcash. The plan is to take over all Central American countries, starting in Costa Rica, then Panama, Belize, Dominican Republic, Cayman, Barbuda, Bermuda and other tax heavens were there is a huge flow of money and where crypto has not yet arrived.

Smartcash adoption in the region can be made trough IstmoBit and viceversa. This is something that I can not stop thinking of. I just visualize me and a team going on a tour, giving conferences and interviews on main local media, radio, and TV. My professional background is in international agribusiness, consumer studies, product innovation and marketing. In my life I have been exposed to multiple cultures and I can speak fluent English, French and Spanish.

Not to make this story too long I am basically looking to become a Smartcash Ambassador in the region and make good use of all my skills to gather a multidisciplinary team to position Smartcash along with an exchange where the whole region can access to Smartcash with their local currencies. I have gathered a lot of experience conceptualizing and launching @themonkeycoin with their founders and now is time to keep building on IstmoBit Exchange.

I just drop this lines hoping it gets some feedback and support from the community. I’ d love to read your thoughts and comments out of this proposal idea.


Central American Smartcash Ambassador and IstmoBit CEO (to be) :wink:


Welcome Emilio, glad you joined us.