Channel on Youtube Brazil about Smartcash


Goal: Teach people about Smartcash and spread the Smartcash
Amount 400 USD/Month in SMART EQUIVALENT
Timeline: 12 months Total 4800 USD in SMART EQUIVALENT

Hi guys,

My name is Rodrigo and I want to create a channel on Youtube Brazil about Smartcash.

My idea is to launch two videos per week and one live answering the subscribers.

In these videos I pretend to teach all about smartcash

  • mining
  • smartnodes
  • smartrewards
  • blockchain
  • whitepaper
  • wallets
  • community
  • smarthive
  • where to buy, how to buy
  • how to accept smartcash
  • how to use smartcash
  • how to use smartband e smartcard
  • news

I’m totally open for suggestions. I want to create this proposal with you guys.

Thank you!