CoinExchange & HitBTC news


Good news for those who have Smarts on CoinExchange. As per the latest Discord announcement:

“CoinExchange finished sorting out user balances. Expect deposits and withdrawals to resume later this week”.

Edit: CoinExchange did resume transfers a few hours ago a HitBTC are planning to do it soon.


This is undoubtedly excellent news!


CE not open transfer Smart. You have news?


I tried to withdraw my smartcash from with no luck. Any help/news would be greatly appreciated.


They are fixing the wallet at the moment. we are talking with them right now.


I faced the same situation with HitBtc, where my SMARTs were stuck there. So i sell the smart to LTC (using BTC, but LTC is faster) then deposit it in crypto bridge.
Then in crypto bridge, you can buy SMART and withdraw without any problem!


This is a good way to get your SMARTs out with a little benefice on the top.


Thank you all for the advice. I should have thought of converting my Smart to Litecoin and removing it from Coinexchange. I am embarrassed that I did not think of that. I love Cryptobridge, that’s where I have purchased almost all of my Smartcash. The weird thing is Coinexchange just released my Smartcash about a half of an hour ago. Somnium, you must have some influence around there. Thanks again.


All OK! I got my Smartcash. Thank you! Now we are waiting for new markets and take-off of the course … Good luck to all!


As per the latest Discord announcement:

CoinExchange has resumed deposits and withdrawals. Also, we got word from HitBTC; they’re planning to re-enable deposits and withdrawals soon


What news? CoinExchange removed the exchange Smart. What awaits us?


They are not delisting, they’ve just suspended trading as they’ve apparently encountered some technical problems. The devs are in contact with them. If you want to know information faster, check out SmartCash’s Discord.


CoinExchanged resumed trading.

Official source:


HitBTC is to resume transfers before the end of the month: