Come sell your SMARTCASH Coins for BTC INSTANT


Then scroll down click on SMARTCASH fill in amount to sell and will show Bitcoin you will get click go

Submit your Bitcoin wallet address
Send us the SMART Coins, and once SMART Coins is confirmed
Bitcoin will be transferred to your wallet address you provided in order process

If you want to be part of South African Coin, called SACoin visit here

Also if you have any pipcoins we will swap them 1 to 1 for SAC swop ends tomorrow


@etype Not bad.

The BTC/SMART, SMART/BTC conversion works great, just as well as Shapeshift and you don’t need an account.

Good stuff! :+1:


@etype WOW that’s cool!! It works great i love it :slight_smile:


Just used it and it is great, works perfectly.


Amazing Stuff !! :metal: Thanks.


Great tool, congratulations.


Nice… Great way to convert your smartcash…


Interesting is this working like shapeshift?


Sure almost like it , but we focus on South Africans , so while you can sell your smart coins or buy smart coins for bitcoin , we also offer bitcoin for zar instant to bank, so for example if South African with local bank account, can sell smart for btc and then btc for zar


Oh nice! Are there any plans to expand your service with usd and euro to bank transfer?


Yes we are working on usd waiting to resolve tax issues before we can list So we don’t step on the tax man feet also South Africa rules not clear on international transfers and vice versa, so once all is sorted will list


I wish you success and let us know when usd and euro is listed.


Hello, thank you for making the website . I have used it and want to continue to do so, since it is very convenient. However, while I had 2 successful exchanges, I now have 3 transactions that we canceled apparently due to timing issues (despite appearing on the block explorers), and I need to reclaim my un-converted funds. I cannot get an answer on the chat popup on the website or from the email (+10 hours). Please advise.


good day sorry to hear about this what is your order number then i will look into it


we have send you a email please have a look at email


Yes, all orders resolved! The initial problem was an error from my end. Admin very helpful in solving problem and making sure I knew what to do to prevent similar in the future. Look forward to using CryptoChange again in the future, especially for SmartCash!


seems cool. are you looking for testers?