Commercial SmartCash


To the SmartCash Community,
Considering the great effort that the team makes to spread the use of Smart, I present my proposal of commercial services in the state of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) to help and prepare merchants to accept SmartCash.
Personal presentation
Former employee of One Soluções Financeiras (financial personal loan by check) in the commercial area.
• Increase Smart’s use of guidelines and aids to local merchants.
• Focus on personal service and always be present to assist in person or through social networks in case of doubts.
• Organize events in companies, schools, courses, theaters and academies to explain the importance of crypto and focus on Smart.
Add to the Smart community the experience I had in my old job, from the professional of the commercial area personally present in the store of the correspondent. I could see that with each visit the amount of personal loan proposals rose. The correspondent feels the difference in the support and training of the company and this is what I want to add to the community.
Smart will have greater visibility with this service and will be another currency differential that will result in much greater usability in the state, thus adding more value to the project.
I’ll be in the merchant’s store to give support, make it easier to contact Smart, take advantage of the holiday season to help leverage usage, be in the store for a day or even a week at the busiest times for assist in the approach, send weekly mailings to remember Smart every day, keep in touch daily with social networks, call at least twice a week to have direct contact with me and adopt the ideas of the SmartCash Brasil community.
Work hard to get at least two trades a month.
The Project will require:

  1. Single Cats
    • Two Uniforms: U $ 100.00
    • Tablet: $ 200.00
    • Flyers: US $ 30.00
    • Business Card: US $ 10.00
  2. Miscellaneous Expenses
    Passes: U $ 50,00 per month (for six months)
    Maintenance of the project: U $ 550,00 per month (during six months).
    Total costs: U $ 3940,00


Your idea is cool and the project looks interesting. But I’d like to know more about you.


Hello good afternoon.

My name is Sabrina.

I’m 22 years old

I worked for one year and four months in the commercial area of ​​the company One Soluções Financeiras and two years in the ProQuality Academy of the Center of Rio de Janeiro also in the commercial area.

I am well acquainted with the customer-facing approach from the experience I have had in these two companies.


Hi. If you’re still talking about finances, I wanted to ask you guys something. I really need some money rn, and I decided to take a loan. Do you know from where should I take it? I have recently found a site, but idk if it’s good or not (find more), so I wanted to ask for advice. Could you help me?