Continuing of the Smartcash Awareness Campaign On Twitter with my team



Campaigning smartcash again on Twitter, creating weekly and monthly awareness, sending platform users to learn and know about smartcash plus creating Social media presence weekly with my team of atlases.

This was the previously forum discussion Trending and creating awareness for smartcash on twitter

And this was the main vote proposal that passed

This was our activities on Twitter

This was the analysis and redirects of 4200users

  • 113 million impacts
  • 113 million reaches

Team and project involved

Project-Atlas more info @


My team and i actually has done it before and would like to continue creating this media presence for SmartCash like we done but this time with different approach.

I’m so very much passionate about the smartcash project and sometimes sit alone to think what inputs i could actually throw to make the project blossom.
awareness,creating media presence constantly, is one of those things that adds up positively and would do a lot of good, which is why we are following different approaches to actually keep us active for a long time campaigning smartcash on Twitter with my team, and constantly creating awareness like we previously did.

The previous campaign proposal we did was conducted only for 2months, saw my team and i creating huge awareness and high range reaches plus impact for the smartcash project, and after that two months elapsed everything went down.

The Twitter new “TOS” and new rules makes everything harder to write a proposal for continuity for anything Twitter campaign expecially law against cryptocurrency,until now we found a way to over it out, and not getting our huge accounts locked.

This is why me and my team will be following different approach and keeping the #SmartCashTheory hashtag alive and healthy on Twitter and also by creating a weekly smartcash presence on Twitter (plus other platforms) instead of running the campaign for a shorter period of time [2months alone] we tend to keep doing it a longer period of time,keeping the time line and hashtag active.

What are our plans?

We are set and dedicated to carry out 7days smartcash campaign monthly.

This means, every month my team and i will conduct a 7days campaign of smartcash on Twitter (plus other socials if applicable) to create a constant media presence and an active community on Twitter where many crypto lad lives.

So on that note, every first week of the month, my team campaigns for seven days and give out the results of that particular analysis, until the next month for same procedure and activities on Twitter.

We would be test running this for the rest of the months remaining, That is from March to December - if creating a constant awareness and reaches is advantageous by keeping an active community on Twitter, also an active media presence, then next year, we will surly propose for another continuity of this same initiatives to impact greatly on the smart project.



  • Monthly 600 USD
  • For 10months 6000USD


  • More media awareness and reaches

  • online media presence

  • Active Twitter presence and team

  • Keeping the smartcash theory active

  • smartcash positive tweets

  • our longterm goal on campaign we help us reach more crypto users.

  • generating more smartcash cryptocurrency facts.

  • We are also planning on sharing several smartcash steemit posts on Twitter and other media’s.

All our works, activities, initiatives, analysis will be presented after each 7days campaign.


The keyhole pricing is different on their website. I see $74/mo at a yearly rate.

What audience are you targeting? Untargeted users are much less useful than if you had users from financial or information technology areas.


really? maybe
try to see if it’s same thing,

our target will be merchants, exchanges, crypto investors, etc, and how do we achieve this?

power of hashtags, send multiple tweets with same or different smartcash messages on same hashtags and possibly an active hashtag of that moment, from many experiences found out technology hashtags has more impact and gets seen much when used than any other hashtags…


ironically i checked with other browsers and saw 74usd lol, i don’t know why they show that, crazy fellows, might be mistake from their end or just enticing customers to try a free trial… i could send you a long in details to confirm it. error from their end. the login from our first activities.


Make sure Keyhole is really necessary, if there are other free tools that do comparable analytics that’d make it a bit of a leaner project.

What’s the total number of estimated tweets with this project so there is a metric such as “cost per tweet”?


there is, that’s Tweetbinder, offers free analysis but doesn’t save non follow the hashtags since its free, that’s the free tweet binder trial though , i opt for the keyhole because the campaign will take a long time and its the perfect tool to follow the hashtags and our activities like thw first we did.

About 320 to 400 tweets for each seven days and also about 5 million plus impacts, this is where we need the keyhole as it keeps tracks of our activities from weeks to the tenth month.


Great, that makes sense to use Keyhole then. Analytics are very important.