Correct CC Miner Intensity


Hi, I’ve got a GTX 970, currently getting about 330MH/s on the EU pool mining. My intensity is set to 20 - do you think this is ok? Could I go higher without risking damage to my card? Thanks.


As long as its not overheating / artifacting / blue screening then it should be fine


Ok thank you, I’ll keep an eye on the temperature. Do you know what the maximum intensity is?


Nope just have a play


I use

Skunkhash dont need intensity i think


I’m using 970s as well. At first I was getting around 325 to 350 Mh/s without overclocking using the ccminer-811-x64. I checkout some videos on overclocking this card and I was able to push my cards to 450 to 470 Mh/s per card with the intensity set to 25. Its somewhat stable, but I need to keep an eye on it as if I push it more it causes some error and stops mining, just need to restart my batch file when it happens. BTW I’m mining on the US pool.


These are the specs I’m using in MSI afterburner on Win10. Also you need to change some settings with the Nvidia Inspector app.


Let me know if your able to get your up.




I was the same as you some months ago. All the time after work I spent with miners to control if all were regular and if it wasn't changed something. I was tired to do it but it brought me extra money that I could save for extra needs. Some months ago, one of my friends showed me the that offered a good contract with the help of which I was mining with their equipment and I tried it. Now I don't have in the house any blocks, I have more place and my wallet grows every month.