Creating a smart journalist union (s.j.u): milestone 1 report


As the proposal “Creating a Smart Jounalists Union” was approved, it became the prior responsibility of I and my team to carryout the will of the Smart Community which is to turn Africa into a Smart continent by bringing journalists to the scene so as to increase awareness and adoption of Smartcash throughout Nigeria and Africa as a continent through various media.

The core objective of the event was to introduce media personnels to the Smartcash ecosystem and have them aware of the benefits that come with decentralization and also have them involved and active in the dessemination of information regarding Smartcash and cryptocurrency as a whole by creating a Smart Journalist Union.

Kaduna State was a great starting point for the education of Journalists about the advent of cryptocurrency and it’s benefits.
On the 15th of May, 2018 a workshop was organized for the Nigerian Association of Women Journalists (NAWOJ) which had about 40 journalists and other press personnels present.
With very few of the Jounalists in attendance knowing about cryptocurrency, it was easy to make Smartcash king in all topic discussed.
Several wonderful and interesting questions were asked and the persons who asked were happy with the fulfilling answers they got.
At the end of the event we had about 20 persons who were interested to not just be part of the Smart Jounalists Union but also to be Smartcash advocates.

As the adoption of Smartcash increased by a great number within just a few ours after the workshop. We were able to sign up 20 women into the Smart Jounalists Union and they have taken the oath of service towards the progress of Smartcash.
In a few days time, Smartcash will be having its first official media publication which is to be written and published by one of the women who is now a member of the Smart Jounalists Union (S.J.U).

The workshop which was held in Kaduna state to increase awareness, adoption and acceptance of Smartcash amongst media personnels had a great turn out and surprisingly we had some Smartcash community members present at the event in persons of @Blessing Nathaniel and @crypto_squad.
More persons and states will be conquered for Smartcash in no time as media publicity is almost everything.


Thank you for your report.

I hope other members of the community take the time to check it out as well and provide feedback. A journalist union is pure activism and I love it.

I trust that the information disseminated will stay factual and realistic.

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Thank you for the update!


Good update. Looking forward to seeing the works of your team.


Thank you for reviewing and providing a feedback.
And yes; the information will continue and forever stay factual and realistic.
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