Crypto-influencers marketing campaign on youtube | episode 2



Amount: 1150 USD one-time payment in SMART EQUIVALENT
Timeline: 1 week

Proposal goal is to engage people interested in cryptocurrencies to learn about SmartCash and Join to our friendly community by making two videos in “PAPA BITCOIN Y CRIPTOS” YouTube Channel (26K + subscribers).


Looking for incentivizing more people to learn about SmartCash I am targeting people that consume crypto content in YouTube, I have been following PAPA BITCOIN y CRIPTOS YouTube Channel ( he has more than 26 K people interested in cryptocurrencies, he has an average of 7K-9K views on his videos.

I have contacted him in order to have an interview and he has accepted, he is asking for 600 USD, he likes the SmartCash project and he is willing to accept the payment in SmartCash!!!

For 600 USD he is willing to:

A) Make an interview with me(video conference), in which I will be explaining(in a nutshell):

What is SmartCash?
What is the main goal of SmartCash
What are SmartNodes
What are SmartRewards
How to get involved with community(local meetups, creating content in English-Spanish, making proposals to the community, inviting people to join to telegram and discord and so on.)
Bitcoin confidential Airdrop

B) Make a second video about how to set up a SmartNode

Budget explained here:

Who Am I? What do I bring to the table & whats my goal here? What are your credentials? Why are you qualified for SmartHive funding?

I am Daniel Brito, I am a Smart HOLDER and an active member in the community, I have designed the SmartCash Series educational video series(In Spanish), and with this proposal I want to get more attention to these educational videos and also to engage more people to join to the Hive (Telegram, Discord and Forums).

¿Why support this proposal?

Nowadays PAPA BITCOIN Y CRIPTOS YouTube Channel has a lot of attention by Spanish-speaker audience from Latin-america and Spain, with this interview we can introduce SmartCash to these people and grow our latin-American community. I commit to provide him all the technical details in Spanish in order to make an easy-to-use guide about “How to set up a SmartNode” video.

With CRYPTO-INFLUENCERS MARKETING CAMPAIGN ON YOUTUBE | EPISODE 1 -EPISODE 2, I want to incentive people to join to our community and to watch the educational content that already exist in Spanish:

SmartVlog :

SmartCash Series:

SmartCash mining videos:

The absolute SmartCash beginner´s guide:

After finishing these three proposals I commit to show you stats about the growth of our community in Telegram and Discord and also the views of SmartCash Spanish content in YouTube.

1.-If this strategy works we can repeat them

2.-If this strategy doesn’t work I commit to design another strategy.

I strongly believe that targeting people interested in crypto via crypto-influencers and invite them to participate in the community can raise the current participants.

Comments and Feedback are welcome.


I like this - straight to the point and objectives clear for all to see. You will have my vote on this.


TKS @nitego I am trying to establish a long term relationship with SmartCash Community, I want to give value to this project.


Seems reasonable if this is a good YouTube, if in fact these things are met:

  • publish also with english subtitle translations
  • reliable
  • fact-check
  • have a good reputation
  • have a good following
  • not shilling shitcoins
  • not shilling pumps and dumps
  • never pumped electroneum
  • never pumped reddcoin
  • have good production quality on videos

And if script is original and not copy and paste. Steemit post is on a good account with a following.

Also an interview is useful but a video on a SmartNode is not required. There are enough on that already. If any topic is needed, do one on the new SmartPay app / SmartCard point of sale stuff.


@mark-smartcash “Papa Bitcoin y Criptos” is one of the best crypto-YouTube channels in Spanish, he is not distracting people with the price movements, he is not scamming people with pump and dump shitcoins, he likes Fundamental Analysis of cryptocurrencies, he provides valuable information to his followers that’s one reason why I am one of his loyal followers.

Second video I will tell him if we can talk about new SmartPay app / SmartCard point of sale.


thanks for sharing my videos! you have my support!


TKS for your support @ingddiaz !!