Cryptopia exchange


how long till smart cash is able to be purchased again on cryptopia


At least a few days.


Dear Somnium,

will smartcash team request the cryptopia to rebroadcast the transactions from 8/1/2018 to 10/1/2018 or should I kill myself immedietaly? Becasue i had big amount in that transaction between those days and it never came through, according to block explorer. Thank you for the response.



There were different issues with Cryptopia lately mostly because of heavy load on blockchains and because of an army of new users. Cryptopia even had to stop new registrations. I had 2 problems there - one with Ether withdrawal which eventually went through in 2 hours and another one was with BTC deposit, which didn’t get through, although it is visible on blockchain. So I submitted the ticket to support. The amount is big enough to worry.

If your transaction can’t be traced on blockchain, then support members will be able to verify it. I suggest you submit support ticket. Although thousands of tickets are submitted daily, their team aren’t able to respond fast. They stated, it may now take about 12 days to get the support.

I’m waiting as well on my issue, fingers crossed. Not much we can do. I researched the situation, it looks like it should be fine in the end. We don’t know when, I’m ready for worse. There were cases when people got their problems resolved in a month time. Nethertheless if you can prove that there was a fault in their system, I don’t think they won’t help you.

Apart from that, in your particular case, when they notice balances difference, they may re-submit transactions automatically even without a ticket. It happened to me once.


They will rebroadcast the transactions.


Dear Azuuri,

It is possible, that my money are lost? I made transaction during late night 8/1/2018. Status on cryptopia is completed, the coins were in my wallet 3 days, everything confirmed, synced, Txd was visible on block explorer, so I made backup.After upgrade to new wallet, it says only unconfirmed transaction, but memory pool says it is there. So please explain, were every transaction rejected/returned during split phase and my money are in cryptopia (I cant see them in balance) and rebroadcast will help? Or there is chance that my money are on old chain (becasue transaction was visible on block explorer and even 990-times confirmed) and they didnt transfer during split?
Thank you for the response.


No of course not, no coins are lost. Once they are updated, Cryptopia will rebroadcast those transactions (withdrawal in your case).



Dear Azuuri!
It has been a weak and nothing happened. What are the news of Cryptopia? Who fault it it?


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