Cryptopia will close its SmartCash markets - Please withdraw your funds!


As per Cryptopia’s official twitter account, Cryptopia’s SmartCash exchanges will be discontinued.

Here’s the twitter announcement:

Here’s the Cryptopia website version:

Cryptopia’s team is asking everyone having SMARTs on their exchange to withdraw their funds as soon as possible, using the last version of the wallet (1.1.0). Note, that transfers are still not possible for now. Be advised though that the SmartCash team is asking to be cautious and to not follow Cryptopia’s advice for the time being, as the team wants to ensure everything goes smoothly (
Stay tuned. There will be an official statement. We will have time to withdraw our funds.

For people having sent SMARTs to Cryptopia:

-If you sent it from an exchange, send a support case to that exchange.
-If you sent it from your desktop wallet, go the SmartCash official Discord, to the desktop wallet support section and ask for help (SmartCash Discord invite link:

Cryptopia_NZ suppends smartcash trading
SmartCash in cryptopia exchange ,Market Paused

I send directly from supernova pool to cryptopia, any advise?


I guess your transfer will arrive when Cryptopia will update, you should be able withdraw your funds after that. In any case, I recommend you to go an ask for advice on the SmartCash Discord (invite link in my original post).


Today’s Discord announcement:

“Cryptopia Update: We are currently waiting for Cryptopia to complete an audit of their SmartCash wallets and email us the results, along with their SmartCash payment address. Once they’ve completed this audit we’ll be able to resolve any discrepancies and their wallets should come online for withdrawals shortly after”.


Hey Guys, any news when cryptopia will be able to withdraw? At the moment still blocked for everything regarding Smart


Watch the announcements in discord. The link is in the first post of this topic.


Today’s Discord annoucement:

“Cryptopia Update: We’ve just received contact from Cryptopia including their audit totals. Discrepancies have been settled. We have asked them to open withdrawals immediately for all users! We will update again once they have done so”.


Just announced on Discord:

“Cryptopia Announcement: It appears Cryptopia has brought their wallets online for withdrawals! We have confirmed this via user reports. All users need to withdraw their SmartCash from Cryptopia. If you are using a desktop wallet make sure you are using the newest version (1.1). You can download the newest release from”.


I can confirm that Cryptopia is open for SmartCash withdrawals, however; be patient, a lot of people are making withdrawals and it does take some time. It took mine almost 3 hours.


Reminder: don’t forget to withdraw your Smarts from Cryptopia before 26/03/2018. They are closing their SmartCash market.


i´m sick of these centralized exchanges
(dex) here we go
no more insane fees and withdrawl issues

thank me later


I attempted to move a few tester Smartcash from Cryptopia to the latest wallet, w/the blockchain updated. The cryptopia site states that the order is pending. Is there a work around or meathod to move the coins? This is Feb 20th, 2018, so earlier than March 26th. Thanks for any info!


Hi! Transactions can take some time, but should be processed fine. There’s no work around and you need to withdraw your funds before Cryptopia will close all wallets.

Did you receive your smarts?


Yeah, a lot of exchanges are playing dirty tricks…


No, still pending for 8 hours already. The Cryptopia site states that there is up to a 30 hour delay with transfers…


Ok. You still have enough time to withdraw safely, so it should all be good. If your transfer is not processed after 30 hours though, do contact Cryptopia.


Just a quick note. SmartCash s asking Cryptopia to let people withdraw their funds without problems :