December rewards


Hi Smartcash Team,

How is the December rewards so much less than previous months? SmartRewards at that return is not profitable at all


To quote their FAQ:

15% of the block rewards are set aside between the 25th-25th of each month, which are then split on the 25th between all addresses proportional to their balance that have held between snapshots without sending out coins. Addresses below 1000 SmartCash do not get paid.

Your reward will reduce as more users are eligible for the reward


Correct, its a self balancing system that was never meant to provide the promises of riches after just 2 months, its an incentive to hold and nothing more. If people are unhappy with the % they are free to sell, which causes the rest of us who hold to get a bit more that month…

Works as intended.


Furthermore, the block rewards have also been decreasing since block 143,500…


SmartCash/SmartRewards is not an investement or a profit making scheme. This has been advised over & over, from time to time everywhere from Slack to Forum to Reddit to Discord.

SmartRewards % depends on the number of eligible address and block rewards for the month.


I recently made a post on Steemit about estimating SmartRewards payout percentages, and I have posted the link below. The SmartRewards estimates can help people manage their expectations regarding SmartRewards payout percentages.

A quick summary of my post is that historically it seems like SmartRewards seem to be roughly 50% of SmartCash inflation and since SmartCash inflation can be calculated into the future we can use it to estimate SmartRewards into the future.

For example, my estimates for SmartRewards payout percentages for December, January, February, and March are 8.0%, 5.9%, 4.4% and 3.2% respectively. However, if there is a major shift in the way people typically think about holding SMART to earn SmartRewards then the SmartRewards probably won’t work out to being roughly 50% of SmartCash inflation and my estimates would be off.