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Brazil has a population of 207 million people. It is the 6th most populous country in the world and it has more than 1 million Bitcoin investors, that is more than the brazilian stock market investors (about 600 thousand).

Our country have a terrible currency that has 2 digits inflation and our banking system is very expensive.

With the support of Smart Cash community, we will produce more than 30 hours long content talking about cryptocurrency and it’s disruptive technologies that will change the world with the most relevant names on the market.

This will be a game changer for the entire cryptosphere. For years all brazilian media use a bad narrative about cryptocurrency. To fight back, we will interview the best brazilians companies and specialist of the cryptosphere (including the renomaded RSK from Argentina) and show to all brazilian people that there are very serious companies and people behind it, working for a better future.

The web-serie will also bring in a more mature audience of professionals working on the main sectors of the economy.


  • To produce the first Brazilian web series about cryptocurrencies with cinematographic quality.

  • Reach more than 1 Million people to watch the - Decentralized Future - webseries:

    30.000 brazilian stock market professionals ;
    400.000 non-investors of all economic sectors.
    1.400.000 brazilian cryptocurrency investors;

See link -

Who we are:

300 Traders is a new Brazilian company, specialized in courses and training for traders and Brazilian investors, focused on the crypto-currency market.

The teachings within our courses combine the principles of trading and traditional economics to the use of cutting-edge technologies and strategies in the crypto-currency market.

Leandro Lima, Co-Founder of the 300 Traders.

Former Ex-Investor of fixed income assets of Brazil during the years of 2012 to 2015.

In cryptocurrencies since beginning 2014 - full time since ending 2016.

Our main goal is to empower mass adoption.I am new on Smart Cash community, since I’ve discovered, I decide to become a holder and active promote it.


Edson Beux, Co-Founder of the 300 Traders.

Formerly Ex-autonomous variable income asset trader at BMF-Bovespa, from 2013 to 2017.

Worked as a futures trader at Propex in the city of Sydney, Australia, from 2016 to 2017, trading the US and Australia treasures.

Active in cryptocurrencies since beginning 2017

Also a teacher of the 300 Traders.


The webserie:

300 Traders will produce a webserie called Decentralized Future, the largest brazilian cinema-produced crypto-coin series with people that we consider references in their respective areas of expertise.

The narrative of the webserie will be;

  • Recent Brazilian Economic Crises (hyperinflation and blockade of access to money);
  • Birth of Bitcoin, its development and evolution;
  • Scalability and altcoins solutions;
  • Developments in technologies from various sectors of the global economy for the next years;
  • The Decentralized Future.


Each main episode will be around 1 hour in length. It will start with the SmartCash logo as the Main Sponsor.

Plus the full interviews, about 30 hours. It will finish with the SmartCash logo as the Main Sponsor.

Benefit to SmartCash:

These webserie allow SmartCash to get exposure and reputation to thousand of serious brazilian people and companies. People in these industries have the purchasing power to become serious investors and some of them may even represent the multi-million dollar, institutional investors.

Example of filming style:

Our model is the “Código da Riqueza (Wealth Code)“ webseries
You can watch it here :

The format is documentary.

And Brasil Parelelo

List of CONFIRMED speakers:

We are currently in contact with more than 30 serious persons/companies on the Brazilian crypto community to participate on this project. The confirmed persons and companies are listed below:

Carl Amorim - Executive Representative at Blockchain Research Institute

Business Consultant with a focus on developing new network based business models, helping companies move from industrial age models for the knowledge society by applying concepts such as social networks, cloud computing, collaborative work and networking.
With 25 years experience in sales and marketing on several models and business, from consumer goods manufacturing to services. 8 years working with networks and business models on the internet.


Thiago Lima - Co-Founder of Embarcados

Embarcados is a website that has more than 150.000 thousand accesses p/month talking about Internet of Things, hardware and software, in addition to doing more than 50 lectures per year all over Brazil. He speaks openly that he invests in crypto-coins and believes in it’s potential for the future.


Manrik Martins

20 years of experience in the area of variable income with passages by areas of trading, analysis and investor relations. Specialized in the area of Dynamic Hedging.
Extensive international experience for 10 years in the USA, where he had obtained his academic training and worked for Bozano Bank, Simonsen in NY.


Thiago Cesar- CEO at Transfero Swiss AG

Transfero Swiss AG is specialized in cryptocurrencies and digital assets investment products, including the safekeeping of digital tokens. Based in Switzerland at the heart of the crypto-valley, it customers can expect a frictionless experience when investing in cryptocurrencies, not having to worry about mobile wallets, private key backups and other technical complications that are inherent to the digital assets market.



RSK is the first open-source smart contract platform with a 2-way peg to Bitcoin that also rewards the Bitcoin miners via merge-mining, allowing them to actively participate in the Smart Contract revolution. RSK goal is to add value and functionality to the Bitcoin ecosystem by enabling smart-contracts, near instant payments and higher-scalability.

Gabriel Aleixo

Member of the advisory board of Equilibrium Entreprises in the field of Innovation. A* Star Business Developer. Co-creator and presenter of the Bitcoin webseries in Portuguese. He was the project director at FGV Júnior Consultoria & Finanças, where he led consultants responsible for entrepreneurship and strategic planning of the company. Researcher at ITS Rio, acting since 2013 on the fronts of Bitcoin, blockchain technology, digital security and online education.



  • Transportation: $2200 (Airplane tickets for 2 people to 3 cities (Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Buenos Aires)

  • Production and Post-Production: $4000 (full-time working on the webserie for 3 months, will be around 30 hours of interviews)

  • Marketing: $3000

Youtube Ads;
News website paid articles;

  • Accomodation: $0 (we will stay at known people houses in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro and in a hostel in Argentina);

  • Speakers Payment: FREE (all of them agreed to speak for free);

Total Investment Amount = $9200

Payment schedule:

  • Payment $2200 (paid in advance for the costs of airplane tickets)

  • Payment $2000 (paid in advance for the costs of production)

  • Payment $2000 (paid after the production and post-production is complete)

  • Payment $3000 (paid after the post-production is complete to start marketing campaigns)


  • 15th April - Start the production and filming of the webserie and be back to our Headquarter before 5th May to start the post-production

    4 days in Rio de Janeiro
    2 weeks in São Paulo
    2 days in Buenos Aires - Argentina (RSK)

  • 5th May - The post production it will take 1 month - it involves legal processes, authorizations of images, audiovisual editing, etc… it’s the most complex process and takes time.

  • 10th June - Start the pre-launch of the webseries, working on teasers and organic networking to prepare the people for whats coming.

  • 10th July - Release of the Decentralized Future webserie.

As you can see most of money will be spent on airplane travel, filming, edition making and marketing.

There is no high quality content talking about cryptos in Brazil, neither talking about SmartCash project, this is a important step to achieve mass adoption, and we need your support to make it possible.

Please feel free to ask us if you have any questions.


Hi guys, feel free to ask us anything.

Thank you.


Hi Edson,

I do think Brazil is a fantastic marketplace for us. Couple things though.

You may want to remove the Facebook line because of this:

Also, do you have an existing following? Or how will all distribution use advertising channels?

I’d really want to see more than a logo though… we need a full introduction of what makes us special. If we were Apple and everyone knew us, that would be fine, but we’re not there yet.


The idea is good, but talking about other cryptocurrencies the mayority of the time and just giving SmartCash the intro and the outro I do not think can help to our project too much, it would be good to have only SmartCash in the webserie.
Also when you say Smart Cash as “Main Sponsor” it means there will be other “Sponsors” as well, which can diminish the efforts and investment on it.


As a Brazilian, I can say that Brazil needs this type of content. You have my vote!



Thank you for the reply.
About Facebook, you are right, we will focus the marketing on other channels because of that.

Also, do you have an existing following? Or how will all distribution use advertising channels?

Our Strategy consist on Growth Hacking in order to make the episodes go viral.
Let me give an example:
Thiago Lima, from Embarcados

His website has 150.000 thounsand views per month, and has a huge network on Brasil. As a partner, he will ask for all his community to watch it’s episodes

The same apply to all the speakers.
This way, we expect, at least, 100.000 thousands organic views

We can use their engagement to create a " buzz effect" on the internet, as we promote it at other channels as youtube, linkedin and other channels to achieve more people.

So, what makes Smartcash special?

The answer is the community and the governance system.
For sure this will be commented during the interviews.


Hi @TheWalk_er

Thank’s for the reply!

The main focus of the webserie will not be any cryptocurrency in specific, that’s the advantage to have SmartCash’s logo on the intro of the webserie, showing to all the people that the webserie had the help of a serious community (it’s was discussed, viewed and voted by all the community).

Also when you say Smart Cash as “Main Sponsor” it means there will be other “Sponsors” as well, which can diminish the efforts and investment on it.

At this moment we do not have any sponsors. We believe at Smart Cash community and if the proposal
is aproved, we will focus only on the production of the webserie.

The main idea is not have tons of sponsors, but the best one.

If the proposal is not aproved, we would need to look for other solutions to help to fund this project, which includes to look for more than one sponsor.

Thank you,


Congratulations on the initiative, Brazil is a potential market that needs support to know how to deal with cryptmoedas.
If you allow me, I would like to ask a question: In addition to the courses and training offered, do you intend to join new digital technologies to provide information that is faster and available to your customers, to the point where they have insider information about the progress of the cryptmoedas market?


Thank you @fabienoliveira

In addition to the courses and training offered, do you intend to join new digital technologies to provide information that is faster and available to your customers, to the point where they have insider information about the progress of the cryptmoedas market?

Thank you for the question. At web serie will ask to the speakers all the information they can provide. We hope bring excelent content , for most people , this is a new world, so it is all new for them.


Hi all,

Here is a mini-teaser of the webserie and how will look like. @300leandro appears on the teaser.

Please, do not share this video outside of this forum. it’s just a quick demonstration for you guys. Thank you!


I don’t understand why you changed our quote to:

So, what makes Smartcash special?

When we said:

I’d really want to see more than a logo though… we need a full introduction of what makes us special.


All new Pre-Proposals have to come up with proven previously activity in the community as Members of it.
All initiatives are good as long as they provide value to the project, but it is not acceptable to just come up with an idea without having worked within the community on helping others, having some meetups or any other activity that proves that we are here for the project and not just jumping from nowehere and wanting funding for their projects.
Do not get me wrong your idea is good and the cost is acceptable, but work first to prove your commitment and then submitt your proposal once you are part of the community.


@TheWalk_er Thank you for your reply.

We are asking for a SmartCash sponsorship because we believe at SmartCash community. That is why we would like to be sponsored by SmartCash, by that, is the chance that the coin have to gain more exposure for more than 1 Million Brazilians on a serious cinematographic material with people/companies that has a lot of influence in our country .

We are working on the same team, we want mass adoption.
We hope Smart Cash community accept companies that wants to work with them, which will increase the network and value.
As a company, we have hard decisions to make, and we do not have resources to work for free.
If you know any other way to do it, please let me know.
Best regards


Anymore questions, guys?


Well, this is very good idea. The knowkedge of co-founders in the cryptocurrency market is ample and they are great teachers.

This work may change the Brazilian vision about cryptocurrency, openning doors what is uknown for the majority of Brazilian people.


As a Brazilian I can second the impact this model of webseries have with the public. It’s a market that began with Brasil Paralelo and rapidly caught up traction and proved to be successful and capable of reaching a wide audience.

The Brazilian viewership spends a lot of time consuming video content on the web. We watch a lot of stuff online, and the numbers behind Brasil Paralelo and others confirm that. Some of the biggest youtubers in the world are Brazilian and produce content in Portuguese and Netflix had so much success investing here.

For all of that I consider this idea of a web series on cryptocurrencies and decentralized models of governance for institutions with help of tech could be a huge thing. If well done, and I can see on the teased that it will be, this project has a lot of muscle and potential.

And honestly, if SmartCash doesn’t fund it, I hope some other communities with similar governance models grab the opportunity to do so, like Dash.


Thank you Raphael !
Our goal is mass adoption!


Hi, I have seen this question before but, has anything been improved in this regard:
Where and how will SmartCash appear in the series? Is it gonna be just a logo? Are you gonna talk about it? How often? Every episode? One episode? For 2 minute? 10 minutes? I want to know those kind of details.
I think that clarifying the benefits for SmartCash can help you gain more votes, you don’t just go to someone asking for sponsorship without being clear and convincing of the benefits to them, right?
Good luck anyways, your team looks compent


Thank you for the question.

SmartCash logo will appear on all episodes and in on our website.
We will talk about it on our social media and I will talk specifically talk about it.
We do not know how many minutes the logo will stay on the screen, because we do not start to film yet, but everyone who watch to web serie will know SmartCash, and how amazing this project is.


Hello gentlemen,

The proposal is open to vote, we need your support to make it happen!!:muscle: #goSmartCash