Discord - invalid phone number


I’ve been a member of the discord for a few months now, but now I am unable to post and get a message asking to verify my phone number. When I do that it tells me invalid phone number. Anyone know how to fix this?


please send an email to support@discordapp.com


If the fix doesn’t work, you can also create a phone number for free at https://voice.google.com/ using a gmail account login.


I am still not able to verify my phone number. I tried my original cell number which worked for months then stopped. I also tried the suggestion with the google phone number, that didn’t work either. Any other ideas would be appreciated


I have the same issue, I’m not able to get help in the discord room, when I mentioned this to user zaphoid in the smart cash telegram group on may 12-2018 he said they would look into changing this. He said they did this because they had a troll problem in the discord.
I also mentioned the google voice number not working and sent screenshots to zaphoid when he requested them so this could be fixed.

I just checked today june 9-2018 and nothing has changed.
My master node status is saying expired and I’m concerned I won’t receive payout for this round. This is during the “initial wait period” too.
I’m not able to get help with my masternode and will sell my smart cash if I can’t get any help from the discord. I’ve tried to mention this, I even created an account here so I could make a new thread here but then found yours.

Seems like I’m not the only one experiencing this issue.

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