Discovering SmartCash in a fun and simple way


Hello Smarties

I want to introduce myself, my name is Mariluna De la Concha, I’m a Venezuelan Systems Engineer and I live in Mexico, I entered the world of cryptocurrencies, and I fell in love with Smartcash, it is a very attractive coin for beginners and for crypto enthusiasts.

I talked about my first Smartcash experience in a video that I uploaded on my Youtube channel and Steemit, which are growing gradually, where I appear as @ marilunabella4, as in all my social networks where I also publish it, please follow me if you want. I previously made some news videos, which you will also find on my channel.
I love to travel and to know places and new people, I always speak of crypts and one of my favorite coins is Smartcash.
I feel very good that the community integrates with me and rewards me with Smart when I mention it.

I do trading and I teach online and physically on cryptocurrencies to people.
I love recording my day spontaneously, when I go for a walk and it would be great to take Smartcash everywhere.

Here I leave my access to the networks to see what I do.

I already have one year that I dedicate to this completely, I support the coins that I like and I participate in the communities.
Today I want to propose to do

  1. Descriptive videos and Smartcash tutorials
  2. Attractive and fun story time
  3. Interviews for Smartcash
  4. Videos of trips, tours and tourism.

with advertising and Smartcash Logos

and any other topic that may suggest.

I want to tell you that I will be in Talent Land and I will make some recordings, as soon as I finish the edition, I share with you.
I plan to record at least 3 videos per month, in Spanish, in order to reach a population in Latin America that is interested to know more about cryptos.

These videos require a better edition of what I do, for this reason the costs of editing and equipment would like to be able to support the community

$ 150 for production and editing of each video ($ 450 for 3 videos)

At today’s market price SmartCash $ 0.068
Then it would be 2500 SmartCash for 3 videos = 7500 SMARTCASH per month

I would like to do initially for 3 months, after that, I would happily receive criticism and advice from the community to improve and continue with the project to continue promoting Smartcash.

I hope you like it, you can suggest ideas, I am open to listen to any criticism good or bad. Please comment.

@ Marilunabella4


I think this is something very need, Smartcash need influencers so more people can learn about this world and off course learn about Smart Cash!


I agree with @Sfcq240788 that SC needs promoters.
The budget is right for a first submission. Once you have proved yourself you can upgrade the plan.

Good luck!


I really like this proposal, promoting is important is this moment, we all know about ban of promotion in all differents platforms, so it needs to be organics, p2p.

You have my vote YES!!


I´m happy you decided to do this proposal, We need more ways to promote SmartCash. you have my vote.


Without twitter, facebook and google ads, we should promote Smartcash in different ways, I think this proposal is excellent. Go ahead @marilunabella4


I’m sure this proposal will help to spread the word about Smartcash, this kind of videos take Smartcash further. A big Yes to this proposal.


What a creative project! A dedicated medium blog for this would help people access your story.

Have you seen ?


thank you very much for the support of friends, as soon as the day arrives, I will upload the proposal as specific as possible. I will soon publish video of the experience in the talent land.


Dash has Amanda Johnson and she has proved that cryptos need passionate representatives to promote, teach and represent cryptos.
I’m pretty sure Mariluna will be an excellent representative and promoter of SmartCash among social media and important conferences.


voted yes on this with my nodes think its a good plan with a reasonable budget

youve only got one no vote but unfortunately that guy carries a lot of weight, however with 11 days left for voting i think this may pass


Thank you. I appreciate the support and trust. already the proposal is in


V suspicious in that no concerns on this proposal we’re addressed through the discussion forum

Why did these large players vote it down?


Have you noticed that two no votes have killed this? One with 705k and one with 80k


if those just voted. I do not worry, I’ll still do what I like. and I believe in this currency, so they did not take away the desire …


Yes, some rich addresses are voting down to good proposals, what a shame. The important thing is that you keep working and go ahead, never stop.


What a great idea. I’ll take a look at your current videos to see your style.


Good job, great idea Marilu, diferente ideas like yours is what we need in this community, good luck with your videos, I can’t wait to see them. Keep working up.



Thank you. already the proposal is in voting, if you like it you can vote


Saludos @marilunabella4 tienes nuestro voto de parte de la comunidad SmartCash Lecheria ,mucha suerte y éxitos .