Discussion on new projects and ICOs


Hello fellow SmartCash members! Among our smart community there should be some people interested in new interesting blockchain projects outside of SmartCash.

So why won’t we share and discuss particularly good ones. One day someone would help others to look at something worthy. Nowadays we see many ICOs, some appear rather promising while others - shady.

I personally took a part in some ICOs and they all went well. Recent ones - Cobinhood and Electroneum (in the latest I see a good potential for upcoming year just because of the strong marketing and adoption strategy). Cobinhood is a zero fee trading exchange, still in its very young phase. It is aimed to earn mostly from margin trading and underwriting new ICOs.

Just today I got some tokens of ongoing ICO that is closing on 24-th Dec. Sadly I found it a bit late, though not too late. I found the team is strong and the idea of innovative copy-trading platform has huge potential. I was inspired enough (to be honest, additionally motivated with bounty program) to write about it: https://steemit.com/blockchain/@mastin/how-to-trade-crypto-profitably-spending-one-hour-per-week

So anyway, I’d be glad if we discuss the best finds here.


I never invested in an ICO yet,it may be risky if the price dumps right after.

But i find some good projects that its underpriced and its going up since i buyed,but i think it not reached its great potential yet ,thats because that they not released their product yet too.

Some good projects iam following:

Authorship : A platform for writers,book distributors and translators,their token is very cheap,they did a very profissional ICO,and their platform will be valuable for its purpose.

Cappasity : AR/VR solutions,their product/software will make you made 3d images of the products on online stores, you can see it in 3d before you buy it online,i already tested ,and its looks very cool even without VR,you can rotate the product and zoom in to see its details.The CEO and inventor is an Intel employee,its has partnerships with Intel itself along with New Work Academy of Arts and other big institutions,their token is very uindervalued at the moment.

Virtue Poker : A Poker platform buit in Ethereum Blockchain,you will play with your own wallet,in a Wallet vs Wallet enviroment,meaning the trust is 100%,no house holding your money,their ICO is planning to be launched in February…Big partnerships is in place with Professional Poker Players such as Phil Ivey himself.

Thats 3 of great projects that will be coming with force in 2018,will update with more in time.

Thank you.


I don’t look at ICO today… And I just lost around $120,000 from BTC price dump.


Wow thats a big lost my friend.


Not exactly, I acquired those bitcoin when it’s price range $500. But I don’t see this dump coming.


I think the price will go up again, though I also didn’t expect BTC to go down that much. Christmas time also contributed - people tend to spend on gifts this time of a year. BCH and Dash keep on attacking bitcoin network forcing scared newbies to sell in lost.


Authorship - saw this project, though didn’t participate. Although the blockchain can be well utilized for the purpose, there are extensive laws covering authors. And these laws do work. Although we may see authors who prefer this project instead of going the classic way. The project may evolve, though it strongly depends on the team and their strategy. Who knows, maybe they will grow big in the future.

Cappasity - interesting idea, I see many projects in VR tech. Though this one is outside of blockchain tech. I see many projects nowadays that try to employ blockchain where it is not really needed. I’m suspisious about these as if they want to cheat to win.

Virtue Poker - sounds nice, but again, very strong competitors out there. Beating PokerStars, FullTilt and 888poker is not an easy task. Though the industry is growing and Virtue Poker can get a market share. I play poker myself sometimes, for me established brand and easy to use interface what matters most.

Thank you for sharing! :wink:


hope your hodling through that dip.


@God could you change the subject of your thread please, unless your a registered financial planner etc we should not discuss investment opportunities or ICO’s from an investment standpoint.

it is fine to talk about the ico’s technology or its features. but not from an investment return perspective here on these forum’s.


@GamBit.coin please be careful when talking about ico’s talking shop is fine, but investment and return like talk will see moderator intervention. crypto is a careful environment and what is ok in one country can get you locked up in another so we are trying to make for a safe environment.


All right, got it. All done :slightly_smiling_face:


@God SmartCash is not an ICO. You know that right? . Why relate SmartCash with ICO’s, this is really a bad idea.

SmartCash is a cryptocurrency just like Bitcoin,Litecoin or Dogecoin .

We are not an ICO token. SmartCash is a cryptocurrency and not an investment.

Do you want me to repeat the same again and again till this statement^^ is engraved in your memory ?


You are totally correct. SmartCash is not an ICO. So I opened this thread in Off-Topic chapter. It is aimed to discuss interesting projects outside of SmartCash. We are smarties here, can we discuss other things? If not, then I’m sorry I got the purpose of Off-topic chapter wrong.

P.S. I didn’t relate SmartCash to an investment here. I just pointed out that there are smart people among SmartCash community who could share their views on other interesting projects.


Discuss anything related to the development is okay or bringing new ideas to the table. The point that I am trying to put across since beginning is that choice of words makes a lot of difference. Why use words which are not related and can create doubts for others.

For Ex : Discussion on ICOs and new projects is okay but stating Discussing Investment opportunity and on top of that stating that promising ICOs go unnoticed and SmartCash should not, will make any third person think that SmartCash is an ICO or an investment opportunity, which is not true.


Good point, I didn’t notice that it could be understood differently. Now I see it. I’d even change the beginning of the first post to make it more clear. Thank you for bringing it out.


Thats Ok, Sorry.

Thank you for the warning.


Guys, what do you think of Raiden Network? The project is aimed to be a sidechain for Ethereum allowing micropayments and much more. It resemles a Lighting project for bitcoin and Raiden is chiefed by Ethereum co-creator. At a glance, it looks like an interesting project learn about at least in terms of technologies involved.


I never invested in ICO other than maidsafe.

When the masterXchange went down I lost all my maid safe investment.

I prefer proof of work rather than ico.


I also invested in ICO rather than Bitcoin.:worried:


Hello fellow smarties! I came across another interesting project, that I believe would prosper if developed as planned. The project is called LocalCoinSwap.com.

The plan is to create decentralised community owned P2P fiat-crypto marketplace to trade different cryptos. Community owns the platform, makes decisions and gets the profit. Resembles SmartCash in governance model. I see this like LocalBitcoins, but decentralised and for many cryptocurrencies. As we see how our project

is in unknowable state for months, platform like LocalCoinSwap may become a saviour for many smaller cryptos. It is now in ICO stage (softcap reached) and I hope in autumn we will see many more cryptocurrencies added, including SmartCash.

I don’t have too much of experience with ICO proper research, so if you are interested, please do your own due diligence and don’t risk anything you can’t afford to lose.

P.S. just in case someone would need it, referral code for 5% bonus is TGY5683.
P.P.S. Meanwhile the Covesting project from the topic is in beta-testing stage and going to a development plan accordingly.