Do I get SmartRewards for my CoinExchange Balance?



I have a number of coins that I purchased in Sept on CoinExchange. Will I get the SmartRewards for my balance? I have not touched them since purchase?



No, you would not. Those coins are technically in CoinExchanges wallet (not yours). You’ll need to withdraw the coins to your own desktop wallet or the web wallet to be eligible for SmartRewards (on the next snapshot that is).


I have been trying to do that for the past two days but CoinExchange says the wallet is undergoing maintenance…seems like a scam so they get the SmartRewards.


It does seem like that… However, I assure you that’s not the case. There has been sync issues with some exchanges that our dev team has prepared a new release to address. I expect most exchanges will implement the upgrade within the next few days and we won’t see downtimes like we’ve been experiencing probably ever again.


The issue however is the downtime is during the snapshot. I own a reasonable amount of SmartCash. The 15% SmartReward is a couple thousand dollars which I will miss out on due to the timing of the update.


Hi, I know this is a old ticket but I am having the same issue in coinexchange. Their wallet has been in maintenance for about a month. I have contacted them and they say they are working on it. What is going on. I have missed the snapshot because of this and their does not seem to be any ETA.

Any ideas?